Comfort is key for cleanroom garment compliance


Merging contamination control technology with garment comfort and ease of use reduces the risks to cleanroom operations

By Sarah Fister Gale

When people are uncomfortable, they get annoyed. They fidget, they get distracted, and they adjust whatever is irritating them to make it go away. Anyone who’s ever worn a cleanroom bunny suit knows this is true. Although it has an impact on garment compliance, the makers of cleanroom garments have largely ignored this uncomfortable reality???until now.

Kimberly-Clark Professional, manufacturer of head-to-toe protection solutions for controlled manufacturing environments and a division of Kimberly-Clark Corp., based in Roswell, GA, has launched a line of new cleanroom garments that offer comfort and ease.

The new line, called Kimtech Pure A5 Cleanroom Apparel, includes a full range of gloves, masks, apparel, and wipers designed for head-to-toe process protection in cleanroom environments.

It was designed in response to a series of meetings and surveys conducted by Kimberly-Clark with cleanroom operators who reported over and over again that cleanroom garments are hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable to wear.

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