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Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Ductless fume hoods

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The Purair ductless fume hood line from Air Science USA provides operator safety and exceeds OSHA, ANSI, and all relevant international standards. Completely portable and self contained, these hoods are designed to protect lab personnel from harmful powders and chemical vapors using HEPA filters and advanced activated carbon filtration techniques. The Purair line consists of six models with face velocity of 100 FPM and airflow from 145 CFM up to 440 CFM. These units are available in widths from 29.5 to 69 in. Depth of all units is 27.5 in. and height is 47.5 in. The hoods offer portability and 360?? visibility. Options include mobile carts, base cabinets, air velometers, and a microprocessor controller to monitor airflow, containment, and filter condition.

Air Science USA
Fort Myers, FL

Cleanroom gowning racks and benches

Cleanroom gowning racks from Eagle MHC, now available in freestanding or wall-mounted configurations, are constructed from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel. Freestanding models are 24 in. wide and available in single, dual, and cantilever styles. Standard 2-in. diameter, nylon dissipative feet feature ½-in. adjustability. Wall mounted racks are available in 24-, 18-, or 14-in. widths depending on model. Cleanroom gowning benches feature flanged stainless-steel foot plates for convenient attachment to the floor. Choose from solid-top benches manufactured from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel or wire benches manufactured from stainless steel or chrome-plated wire. Also available are solid or perforated-top models with a standard undershelf. Options include additional undershelves and dividers.

Eagle MHC
Clayton, DE

Disposable dosing system

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Bosch Packaging Technology’s Prevas disposable dosing system is designed for installation on liquid filling lines for vials, ampoules, and syringes. The system features a completely disposable product path and incorporates a bulk product bag, a positive displacement-rolling diaphragm pump, filling needles, and tubes into one assembly. The Prevas system is completely pre-assembled, pre-sterilized, and pre-validated. Components are free of animal and endotoxic products and have been tested for leachables and extractables. A disposable format virtually eliminates the potential for cross-contamination between batches. The double-bagged system is assembled in a Class 10,000 cleanroom.

Bosch Packaging Technology
Waiblingen, Germany

Single-use/small-scale vessel utility tower system

TruViuTM PLSS, a vessel utility tower system for pilot and small-scale production applications, expands on the RDPD system to include more I/O capability and NEMA 4X enclosures. The system is designed to provide a flexible and plug-and-play configuration in order to maximize ease-of-use, simplify installation, and provide scheduled maintenance. The modular design allows TruViuTM PLSS components to be mounted on an industrial cart and be used for bioprocess runs on different single-use pilot and small-scale production vessels. TruViuTM consists of an I/O tower, a transmitter tower, an optional pump tower, and/or an optional TruFlowTM gas manifold. The system interfaces easily with the TruLogicTM controller and TruBioTM software for optimal bioprocess control. State-of-the-art transmitters enable sensor calibration algorithms and full sensor diagnostics, and are upgradeable to TruFluor disposable sensor technology for single-use applications.

Finesse Solutions, LLC
Santa Clara, CA

Controlled environment ceiling grid and panels

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BarrierSystem™ grid and ceiling panels are now available from Chicago Metallic Corp. A complete ceiling solution for controlled environment facilities, BarrierSystem combines BarrierGrid™ suspension grid and assemblies as well as BarrierPan™ ceiling panels. These durable, easy-to-install systems are suitable for cleanrooms; pharmaceutical, food processing, and clean manufacturing areas; and precision instrument assembly rooms. BarrierGrid and BarrierPan products are designed to meet the demands of ISO 14644-1 (FED-STD 209E) for controlled environment facilities. BarrierGrid premium (1 3/8) and standard (15/16) options feature factory-applied gaskets that restrict air movement between the plenum and clean areas. BarrierPan ceiling panels are durable, moisture-resistant, low-particulate surfaces.

Chicago Metallic Corp.
Chicago, IL

Polypropylene flow hood

Flow Sciences, Inc. (FSI) has engineered a flow hood with framed polypropylene sides for improved chemical resistance. Traditionally, FSI designs and manufactures flow hoods with clear acrylic, tempered glass, and stainless steel with a phenolic resin base. Polypropylene offers the durability and chemical resistance required for laboratory applications involving the handling of highly corrosive solvents and vapors. Unlike stainless steel, polypropylene sheets can be manipulated quickly and easily to form customized workstations for unique applications. The completed unit features framed polypropylene sides with a dished phenolic resin base to contain spills. The unit features pass-throughs on either side to allow the customer to connect the unit to existing Flow Sciences vented enclosures. The hinged door on the unit allows the operator to easily move equipment in and out of the enclosure.

Flow Sciences, Inc.
Leland, NC

Electrochemical gas detectors

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The Draeger Guardian gas detection system for the semiconductor industry uses economical, electrochemical sensor technology for detecting hazardous gas leaks, such as hydrochloric acid and vapors at low concentrations, where byproducts can easily foul tubes, pipes, and instruments. The Draeger Guardian is considered a one-to-one replacement for the common paper tape technology widely used throughout the semiconductor industry today. Unlike the limited shelf life and refrigerated storage requirements of the paper tapes, the unit uses sensors with an expected lifetime up to three years. The system uses no consumable parts and requires no replacement paper tapes in the event of a gas release, allowing emergency personnel the time at the tool to assist with the emergency rather than be fixed at the monitor replacing any cassettes. The Guardian technology does not require adjustments to the existing cleanroom or plumbing.

Draeger Safety, Inc.
Sugar Land, TX

Cleanroom energy analysis

Poor cleanroom system design–such as systems wasting energy by cooling ambient air to remove moisture, and then heating it back up again, and poor ducting that results in excess system pressure–
is a major cause of excessive energy consumption. Gerbig Engineering now offers a service to companies that currently have cleanrooms, providing analysis of the cleanrooms’ existing energy consumption rate, comparing that information with best design practices, and detailing a plan on reducing energy consumption. The result of the analysis would provide the client a reasonable goal for energy reduction and a plan to achieve that goal without degrading the critical environment.

Gerbig Engineering
Burnesville, MN

Hybrid membrane for dust bags

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DuPont’s Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT) fiber is now available for air filtration bag applications for industrial and commercial manufacturing. The fibers capture up to 10 to 15 times more dust and particulates in the air compared to incumbents. Referred to as “dust collection bags” in the industry, these filtration products are used with exit air to capture particles so they are not emitted to the environment. HMT fiber bags provide air flow with an improved cycle time and better capture of particulates. Initial DuPont data, based on industry testing standards, shows that HMT technology provides energy savings by reducing downtime and providing more consistent pressure levels.

DuPont (Safety & Protection Group)
Wilmington, DE

Resonance probe for NMR

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Varian’s new OneNMR™ probe for double resonance NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) applications involving liquid-state samples enables users to employ a single probe rather than switching probes for different applications. The probe is designed for analytical and research chemists performing a broad range of common 1D and 2D NMR experiments. The improved lock sensitivity and increased 1H and 13C sensitivity reduce the time required for analysis or alternatively enable the analysis of samples where quantity is limited. Excellent water suppression and 1H RF homogeneity improve the quality of the data acquired and simplify data analysis.

Varian, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

Validation support for pharma water systems

The new 5000TOC Sensor Validation Support Package from Mettler-Toledo Thornton helps achieve a fully qualified (IQ/OQ) system for total organic carbon (TOC) measurements in pharmaceutical water production systems. It guides the operator through specific procedures and facilitates compliance with regulatory audits by providing standardized protocols. The package minimizes startup delays associated with internal generation of documents, thereby maximizing resource requirements. It supplies the tools needed to monitor operational conditions for regulatory requirements and furnishes documented evidence that the instruments will produce accurate results. The Validation Support Package includes the Installation and Qualification Workbook (IQ/OQ), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), instrument manuals, and a CD.

Mettler-Toledo Thornton
Columbus, OH

Miniature data loggers

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Dwyer Instruments has released the MTL Series miniature USB data loggers for temperature, humidity, and dewpoint. The data loggers measure and record accurate readings in a wide range of applications. Sampling intervals and high/low alarm settings are user selectable through Windows®-based software. The Series MTL can be field configured for either delayed-start or push-button recording control. The logger can store up to 43,344 readings and can be set to stop on memory full or for continuous recording. Stored data is downloaded by plugging the unit into a PC’s USB port (cable included). The loggers provide measurements for critical environment conditions in a miniature standalone device, which makes them suitable for refrigeration systems, laboratories, and medical storage facilities.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN

Aseptic filling/sterilization of containers

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GEA Procomac’s FDA-compliant aseptic filling technology for PET uses peracetic acid in liquid form to sterilize containers. Full recovery of sterilizing solution and rinsing water is built into the system to reduce consumption of chemicals. FDA has granted a non-objection letter based on Procomac’s aseptic line installation at Aseptic Solutions Inc., in Corona, CA. The National Food Laboratory served as Process Authority for the master filing. Procomac currently has installed 86 aseptic filling lines; 30 of them are capable of running low acid products, and six of the lines have been built to FDA standards in the U.S.

GEA Procomac
Hudson, WI

Microplate photometer

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The Multiskan FC microplate photometer has a comprehensive range of built-in and optional quality, verification, and self-diagnostic tools. The patented optical design, together with the built-in self-diagnostics tools and autocalibration feature, provide reliable performance. The installation, operation, and performance qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) tool, enhanced with a special Multiskan Verification Plate, are available to verify reliable operation. The photometer conforms to regulatory requirements such as RoHS and IVD directive (98/79/EC). These features and a compact footprint ensure that the Multiskan FC is well suited for a wide range of applications in laboratories.

Thermo Fisher
Waltham, MA

Latex-free glove

Microflex Corp.’s non-latex Tranquility™ is a white examination glove that balances comfort and protection. Tranquility™ gloves conform to the hand, providing high tactile sensitivity and wet or dry grip for everyday use. Since they are latex-free, the gloves provide an excellent option for individuals with Type I latex allergies or sensitivities.

Microflex Corp.
Reno, NV

Vacuum desiccator

The Secador Techni-Dome 360 vacuum desiccator from Bel-Art Products is now available with two polypropylene stopcocks that offer the flexibility of using multiple gases or faster cycle times between vacuum and release. Each stopcock accepts 6.4-mm I.D. tubing and has a PTFE plug that turns easily to allow turbulence-free entrance of air, minimizing the disturbance of the contents. The seamless polycarbonate construction provides a rugged, chemical-resistant desiccator with excellent resistance to thermal stress and allows 360?? visibility of contents. It holds full vacuum at room temperature for 24 hours and the included neoprene gasket ensures that the desiccator will remain airtight for extended periods even during non-vacuum conditions. Interconnecting handles provide the ability to lock the desiccator or for placement of tamper-evident seals.

Bel-Art Products
Pequannock, NJ

Enhanced high-shear processor

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Microfluidics’ latest version of its model M-110EH Microfluidizer® high-shear processor, the M-110EH-30, comes standard with a diamond interaction chamber and provides an average flow rate (with water) of 330 ml/min at 30,000 psi process pressure and can handle batch sizes of up to several gallons. A second replacement ceramic interaction chamber is available, at no additional cost, that increases the average flow rate (with water) to 450 ml/minute when processing materials that require lower pressures of 20,000 to 25,000 psi. This allows for more efficient processing of a wider range of pharmaceutical formulations, fine chemicals, and biological material ranging from simple oil-in-water emulsions to highly immiscible solids-in-liquid suspensions.

Microfluidics Corp.
Newton, MA

Curved-tip dispensing syringe

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Qosina’s new dispensing syringe with a revolving curved tip (Part #33032) is suited for dispensing viscous materials into tight spaces requiring precise application. The 1-in. curved syringe tip is fitted onto the syringe body with a 360?? rotation for maximum flexibility and directional adjustment. The natural POM syringe has a 3-mL draw and is chemically resistant to many solvents. For pre-filling, Qosina stocks a flexible syringe tip cap (Part #11135).

Edgewood, NY

Vacuum cleaning evaluation

Incorporating an industrial vacuum cleaner into daily maintenance plans results in much more than just a clean plant. It can save money, increase product integrity, and even save lives. Nilfisk CFM offers a no-obligation facility assessment program that can help facilities choose the right vacuum to reduce costs, increase air quality, prevent product recalls, and decrease or eliminate fire hazards. With the free assessment program, Nilfisk CFM district managers evaluate existing cleaning processes, identify outstanding and unmet needs, and recommend improvements as warranted. In hazardous locations, they will conduct a thorough investigation, documenting the application and recommended vacuum. The program also includes a machine demonstration and, for customers, training and follow-up visits.

Nilfisk CFM
Malvern, PA

Chemical-resistant Y-strainers

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Constructed entirely of fluoropolymers, Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) Y-strainers are now available exclusively from Micromold Products for chemical process industries, especially pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and water treatment, to protect critical, expensive, downstream process equipment from damage and to reduce process downtime. The strainer materials handle high-purity and highly corrosive fluids at operating temperatures up to 300??F (150??C). The strainers are also impervious to UV radiation, and all materials used are FDA compliant. With their low extractable values, PVDF Y-strainers are well suited for semiconductor applications. Maintenance is simple with easily removable cartridges.

Micromold Products, Inc.
Yonkers, NY

12-in. glove with added splash protection

Kimberly-Clark Professional has added a new 12-inch offering to its line of Kimtech Science Sterling nitrile exam gloves that provides added splash protection at the cuff. The latex-free and static-dissipative gloves provide the protection of nitrile with the sensitivity of latex. The ambidextrous gloves are 3.5 mils thick and are available in extra-small through extra-large sizes. Their textured fingertips offer excellent tactile sensitivity for easy handling of delicate instruments. With 100 percent more gloves in each box than with traditional 12-in. gloves, purchasing Kimtech Science Sterling Nitrile-XTRA Exam Gloves helps labs and other workplaces increase storage space and reduce waste. The additional gloves in each box can also help labs stockpile the gloves for emergency use. The gloves are also available in a 9.5-in. length.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Seals for critical process equipment and environments

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The Pneuma-Seal® Type 10X mesa-topped inflatable seal series creates a more positive barrier and withstands higher pressure differentials than conventional serrated designs. It is well suited for such tasks as door seals on sterilizers, semiconductor foundry equipment, cleanrooms, nuclear containment vessels, and other isolation chambers. The seal comes in a white, FDA-compliant, low-outgassing silicone elastomer. Tests indicate 98 percent less outgassing than from competitive elastomers targeting medical/pharma applications. The smooth, flat top makes cleaning and washdown easier and more effective by eliminating numerous potential contamination sites in the grooves. Available standard cross-sections cover the range from 6.5x5 mm to 35x32 mm.

Pawling Engineered Products
Pawling, NY

Potable water hose

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Flexaust Saniflex™ potable water hose is constructed from a plastic helix supported PVC that is lightweight and flexible for easy installation in tight spaces. Featuring a smooth inner surface to keep water flowing, this IAPMO-compliant hose is offered in 3/4- and 2-in. I.D. sizes. Supplied in natural color with a plain cut end finish, the hose comes in standard 50-ft. lengths and operates over a 120?? to 180??F range. Hose can also be compounded from polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber elastomer materials to OEM specifications. Saniflex™ potable water hose is priced from $0.65 per ft., depending upon size and quantity. Samples, quotations, and literature are available upon request.

Warsaw, IN

Rugged industrial keyboard and joystick

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The TKS-105a-JSTb-MODUL keyboard is used in operational environments that require high robustness and a comfortable operation of devices. The integrated joystick is suited for precise control of the cursor, to help with the fact that the user may be hindered while wearing protective clothing. Possible applications include design and construction of industrial buildings, production lines, and more. The joystick has a stick length of 63 mm and requires an actuating force of 2.25 N. The pivoting range is 18?? in all directions. The joystick sheathing is easy to clean due to a convex sleeve and additionally prevents the deposition of chips, dusts, and other materials.

InduKey® Keyboard Production GmbH & Co. KG
Treuen, Germany

High-purity PVDF ventilation system

Asahi/America’s Purad ProVent high-purity PVDF ventilation system features high chemical resistance properties that make it suitable for critical exhaust applications such as solvent, acid, and caustic fumes. The Purad ProVent system is offered in sizes ranging from 2 in. (63 mm) to 16 in. (400 mm) with standard fittings, damper valves, sanitary adapters, and flex connects. Purad ProVent is FM 4910 listed for cleanroom materials and FM 4922 for fume exhaust ducts. It can be easily fabricated on-site to fit actual piping needs; is constructed with lightweight material, making it easier to handle and support; and provides reliable resistance to solvents and long life. The exhaust system replaces the costly installation of steel-lined vent systems and uses IR fusion, butt fusion, or hot air welding; no glues are required. It can be custom fabricated in the field.

Asahi/America, Inc.
Malden, MA

Field service vacuum

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The Menda service vacuum (Item 35846) is designed for applications requiring portability in a powerful, lightweight, self-contained unit. The service vacuum is an ESD-protected vacuum with a 110-VAC high-performance motor. One 0.3-μm cardboard shell filter is included along with five replaceable bags. Also included with the vacuum are an ESD-protected hose, gooseneck attachment, crevice tool, and brush. The vacuum is ESD safe for cleaning debris from surface mount, pick-and-place, board routers, and handlers, and other equipment in ESD-protective areas. It is lead-free, RoHS compliant, and weighs only 6.5 lb complete. It is well suited for field service use.

Chino, CA

New Literature

Casework and furniture products

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VWR International, LLC, a global distributor of scientific equipment and supplies, announces the publication of its new 2008???2010 Laboratory Casework and Technical Furniture Catalog, a comprehensive collection of furniture products for the research lab industry, including customers in biopharmaceutical, education, industrial, production, and controlled environments. This 488-page catalog features more than 7,400 products from manufacturers including Labconco, Kewaunee, Intermetro, and Biofit, as well as products from the VWR Collection. The updated catalog presents metal and wood casework, countertops, fixtures, sinks, tables, seating, fume hoods, workstations, appliances, pre-fabricated rooms, shelving, carts, safety items, and accessories for new and renovated laboratory facilities. Complete ordering information and dimensional specifications are included for all items. Also featured is an easy-to-use format that includes quick indices, color-coded product sections, and intuitive cross-references for fast and easy product selection.

VWR International, LLC
West Chester, PA

User’s manual

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A manual to help users navigate the changes in ASHRAE’s 2007 ventilation standard is now available. The Standard 62.1-2007 User’s Manual provides users with a better understanding of the design, installation, and operation requirements in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. The standard, published last year, contains new requirements and clarifications on issues such as humidity control design requirements.

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
Atlanta, GA

Autoclaves and steam sterilizers

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International PBI has released a 28-page “Autoclaves and Steam Sterilization” booklet, presenting a range of autoclaves that cover volumes from 23 to 140 L. The stainless-steel models are 10 years guaranteed. The booklet has been compiled for technicians and staff that handle microbiological media. Easy and immediate maintenance is an important feature of the complete sterilizer product line; each product feature also includes information on required accessories and media preparatory kits. The booklet displays benchtop and field-usable models.

International Pbi S.p.A.
Milan, Italy

Air filter testing guidance

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Air filter manufacturer Camfil Farr has introduced a guide to the revised ASHRAE Filter Testing Standard – The New Air Filter Standard, ASHRAE 52.2-2007, Today’s Guide for “Real-Life” Product Performance. The guide details the committee-ratified changes and provides some historical information as to why the changes were necessary. The standard introduces MERV-A, a new value, which will indicate a filter’s ability to maintain efficiency over time. The guide also details other standard revisions such as the reintroduction of dust holding capacity and arrestance into the standard. The 10-page pamphlet will provide guidance so users can prepare for the new filter evaluation methods and apply their knowledge as the filter industry adapts to the changes. To obtain a free copy of the guide, contact a local Camfil Farr representative or contact Camfil Farr at (866) 4CAMFIL; e-mail

Camfil Farr
Riverdale, NJ