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Gloves are an essential component of cleanroom apparel. They not only protect personnel from hazardous materials but also can be the first line of defense in preventing the contamination of clean environments.

Butyl gloves

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ChemTek® gloves from Ansell provide the highest level of protection for handling hazardous chemicals in manufacturing and chemical processing environments. The ChemTek product line offers superior chemical protection for first responders and others who may be faced with potentially hazardous or unknown substances. The company’s glove line includes butyl gloves, which deliver the ketone resistance of natural rubber combined with better hydrocarbon resistance. Butyl gloves offer excellent dexterity and the highest permeation resistance to gas and chemical vapors of any glove materials currently on the market. They are appropriate for aggressive environments in which workers require protection against esters, ketones, strong oxidizing agents, and a wide range of chemicals considered particularly harsh. Butyl gloves are available in 14-, 20-, and 28-mil versions with either a rough or smooth finish. ChemTek gloves protect workers in maintenance, sampling, production, and HazMat operations within the chemical manufacturing, processing, and handling industries and others.

Ansell Healthcare Corp.
Red Bank, NJ

Range of glove offerings supports various cleanroom classes

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Connecticut Clean Room Corp. (CCRC) offers a complete line of gloves including a wide selection of vinyl, latex, nitrile, and specialty gloves. The company’s gloves meet or exceed the stringent requirements needed in critical environments ranging from U.S. Fed. Std. 209E Class 1 to Class 100,000 (ISO 3???8). Glove sizes vary depending on style and manufacturer. With more than 25 years of experience with cleanroom products, CCRC can assist in selecting the right glove for each application. The proper fit provides comfort and enhances wearability, dexterity, and safety. CCRC offers a new catalog that features an assortment of special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial, and sanitary standards. To receive a catalog or for information, call 860-589-0049 and ask the Customer Care Team for more details.

Connecticut Clean Room Corp.
Bristol, CT

Cleanroom and non-medical gloves

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High-Tech Conversions, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality wiping products and a supplier of consumable items used incleanrooms, announces its wide range of cleanroom gloves. Available for most applications, the gloves are available in six main varieties and feature comfortable, high-quality construction. Additionally, they are Class 10 (ISO 4) compatible and sterile. The company offers powder-free cleanroom gloves in nitrile, latex, or vinyl and in quantities of 100/double bag, 10 bags/case; powder-free, non-medical gloves in nitrile, latex, and vinyl and in quantities of 100/box, 10 boxes/case; and lightly powdered, non-medical gloves in latex and vinyl in quantities of 100/box, 10 boxes/case. These gloves are all available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. High-Tech also offers lightweight cotton gloves that are overcast hemmed and unhemmed and come in quantities of one dozen per bag; heavyweight cotton gloves that are overcast hemmed and come in quantities of one dozen per bag; and static dissipative (ESD) nylon cloth gloves that are breathable with conductive fibers running throughout and come in quantities of six dozen per case.

High-Tech Conversions, Inc.
East Windsor, CT

Cleanroom gloves and finger cots

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Each cleanroom or critical environment requires specific gloves that must meet or exceed a range of requirements. Innotech Products offers a complete selection of gloves that will meet cleanroom conditions. A diverse selection of bagged or boxed nitrile, latex, and vinyl disposable gloves is available. In addition, nylon, vinyl coated, cotton, chemical/acid-resistant gloves, and glove dispensers are offered. Gloves come in an array of attributes such as powder-free, anti-static, ESD safe, sterile, and temperature resistant. Cleanroom gloves undergo special washing and cleaning processes to remove particulates, reducing contamination. Anti-static gloves are made from fibers that will control static generation and will prevent static charges while handling objects. ESD-safe gloves will remove static buildup while handling sensitive components. Chemical gloves provide degrees of protection against harmful elements and resist abrasion or cutting. Finger cots offer added protection and are more cost-effective than double gloving. Finger cots are available in conductive, nitrile, and pink anti-static. To speak to a cleanroom specialist regarding these and other critical environment needs, call 888-270-0458.

Innotech Products
Minneapolis, MN

Nitrile gloves packaged in Class 100 cleanroom

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KimTech Pure™ G3 white nitrile gloves from Kimberly-Clark Professional are latex-free gloves suitable for use in cleanroom environments. The gloves have textured fingertips and a beaded cuff and are available in 12-inch and 10-inch lengths. The gloves feature an AQL level of 1.5 for pinholes and are static dissipative. These gloves are packaged in a Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Polyethylene gloves

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The Ultraglove™ is a cleanroom glove manufactured by KNF Clean Room Products. The glove is fabricated using pure, additive-free polyethylene film and manufactured in a cleanroom environment according to the stringent Ultraclean™ cleanliness level, as are all products offered by the company. A final test of the glove is performed to determine ash content and any presence of additives, such as slip, antiblock, AHTs, and BHTs. The Ultraglove is widely used in the polysilicon and wafer production industry due to its low cation and anion content. The gloves can be used in the most delicate semiconductor production processes. They provide high chemical-resistance for the laboratory and chemical production industries. The sterilized gloves are well suited for the medical, biomedical, medical device, and veterinary medicine fields.

KNF Clean Room Products Corp.
Ronkonkoma, NY

Low-linting 100 percent nylon gloves

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Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. LLC recommends Magid Fiberlock® 31NY gloves for all cleanroom applications requiring dexterity, touch sensitivity, and low-linting qualities. Made from 100 percent nylon, the gloves utilize a seamless, high-density construction to improve user comfort and tactile agility, while virtually eliminating the release of lint into the environment. A member of the company’s line of Fiberlock cleanroom gloves, 31NY gloves are a lightweight option and a suitable choice for applications requiring the handing of small parts in particulate restrictive areas, including semiconductor and electronics manufacturing and assembly. They are manufactured entirely in an ISO 6 (Class 1,000) rated cleanroom using heat-treated, texturized, stretched, cleaned, and packaged yarn. Once produced, 31NY gloves are pre-laundered on-site and then packaged in heat-sealed BHT-free polybags. With durability in mind, Magid Fiberlock gloves are designed for extended wear and to retain their shape and size after multiple washings.

Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. LLC
Chicago, IL

Latex-free double gloving system

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The New BioClean Ultimate and BioClean Emerald latex-free double gloving system is comprised of a green nitrile inner glove and a co-polymer outer glove. Used together, the Ultimate and Emerald offer superior protection against chemotherapy drugs. The Emerald inner glove is a green nitrile glove that has a smooth finish to allow the easy donning of the outer glove. The glove is ISO 4 (Class 10) compatible and is free of all the harmful chemical accelerators that cause Type IV allergies. The Ultimate outer glove is made from the company’s proprietary co-polymer and has been designed with a super-smooth inner surface to allow easy donning with the Emerald. Both products have full sterility validation, provide excellent protection against chemotherapy drugs, and have been tested to the latest American standard specifically designed for testing gloves against cytotoxic drugs.

Nitritex Ltd.
Newmarket, Suffolk, UK

Critical environment gloves

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PIP Technical offers a wide range of gloves used in the critical environment industry. The company’s Cleanteam® glove products include ESD, disposable nitrile, latex, pure vinyl, and co-polymer vinyl gloves; nylon and polyester glove liners; cotton lisle and nylon inspection gloves; and nylon knit with polyurethane coating. These gloves are designed and manufactured to meet the strict standards of the critical environment industry. PIP Technical’s Cleanteam products provide customers with the assurance of documented performance. For more information call 800-262-5755.

Protective Industrial Products, Inc.
Guilderland Center, NY

Polyutherance gloves

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Riverstone manufactures high-tech cleanroom gloves and holds ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification for all manufacturing plants located in Malaysia, Thailand, and China. As a result of R&D efforts, the company recently launched a new category of high-tech polyurethane cleanroom gloves. PU cleanroom gloves have a low particle count, improved dexterity, and very low ionic extractables. These qualities make the gloves highly suitable for cleanroom operations that have very stringent requirements. Riverstone currently produces nitrile and natural rubber cleanroom gloves that are being used in the hard disk drive and semiconductor industries. The company has also made headway in the flat-panel manufacturing and aerospace sectors.

Riverstone Holdings Ltd.
Selangor, Malaysia

Sterile nitrile gloves for aseptic processes

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With the recent formation of SHIELD Scientific, the company introduces its newly launched SHIELDskin XTREME™ cleanroom glove range. The gloves are designed with compliance, comfort, and protection in mind. The new DI+ 330 sterile nitrile gloves offer a high level of process and personal protection with an AQL for pinholes of 0.65. Comfort is assured with proprietary Skin Nitrile™ technology, giving those who work in aseptic manufacturing a credible alternative to natural rubber latex. Apart from launching products, the company has a strong focus on delivering educational programs to the market. These programs discuss and demystify topical subjects such as glove legislation and glove-associated reactions. SHIELD Scientific has its European headquarters strategically located in the Netherlands and operates in Europe through a network of focused distribution partners.

SHIELD Scientific
Arnhem, Netherlands

Nitrile gloves meet USP <797> requirements

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Techniglove’s 12-inch cleanroom nitrile gloves (TN10000) are double-chlorinated and double-bagged. They are 100 percent nitrile, contain no natural rubber or silicone, and meet the most stringent requirements for extractables and particles. In addition, the company’s TN1000 is manufactured and packaged in an ISO 9002 facility. The gloves are specially controlled for low pyrogens and endotoxins, contain less than the allowable 20 EU/device, and are suitable for use in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing. Techniglove also offers a complete line of Class 10 and Class 100 (ISO 4 and 5) nitrile gloves in white, blue, and green.

Techniglove International, Inc.
Corona, CA

Hot gloves for high-temperature handling

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Transforming Technologies provides ESD Safe Nomex™ hot gloves, which are designed for printed circuit board, hybrid circuit, semiconductor, and other processes that require handling objects at elevated temperatures without compromising cleanliness or potential damage due to static discharge. They provide static control and significant heat protection in one cleanroom compatible glove. Serving semiconductor, disk drive, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers, Transforming Technologies works continuously to develop improved solutions for meeting the most demanding requirements. Also available are high-technology garments, cleanroom fabric, cleanroom boot soles, and specialized cleanwear accessories.

Transforming Technologies, LLC
Sylvania, OH