compiled by Jason Andrukaitis

Foster Wheeler acquires Biokinetics, Inc.

Foster Wheeler Ltd. announces that it has significantly strengthened its position in the biotech and pharmaceutical markets by completing the acquisition of 100 percent of the stock of privately held Biokinetics Inc. from MPA Holdings LP. This acquisition enables Foster Wheeler to re-establish its position in the North American pharmaceutical market, and strengthens its position relative to key U.S. pharmaceutical companies seeking to invest in the U.S. and globally. In addition, this acquisition will provide enhanced capabilities to existing Biokinetics clients. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition is part of Foster Wheeler’s overall strategy to complement organic growth in its global engineering and construction business with highly targeted acquisitions.

Tiger Optics awarded patents for gas analysis technology

Tiger Optics LLC has received patent rights for five new innovations of the company’s continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy technology. The new advances will enable Tiger Optics to offer more versatile and powerful sensors to a broader range of customers. The new patents improve analytical sensitivity and increase the range of species that can be measured, allowing the company to expand beyond gas analysis into the field of liquid analysis. Tiger Optics says it is now positioned to develop biological and chemical applications for such applications as Homeland Security and medical research, and sees its inventions as having strong potential for area monitoring and sensing of biochemical releases for use in liquid chemical analysis, cancer research, and additional safety and security applications.

Watson-Marlow acquires Flexicon A/S

Watson-Marlow has acquired Flexicon A/S through its parent company Spirax-Sarco Engineering. The acquisition includes Flexicon America, the company’s U.S.-based subsidiary. Watson-Marlow, well known in the biopharmaceutical industry for its expansive range of production-duty peristaltic metering and transfer pumps, now greatly expands its capabilities in filling applications. Flexicon has been marketing peristaltic-based aseptic filling and capping equipment for the past 22 years, specializing in filling systems for clinical-trial production. Utilizing peristaltic pump and tubing technology, Flexicon filling systems provide a completely disposable flow path, enhancing productivity and traceability while reducing maintenance as compared to piston type or time/pressure fillers.

Baxter provides update on heparin reactions

Baxter Healthcare Corp. is providing an update to its January 2008 heparin sodium injection 1,000 units/ml 10- and 30-ml multi-dose vial voluntary recall due to adverse reactions. Since the recall, Baxter has received reports of similar adverse reactions occurring in other lots of 1,000 units/ml 10- and 30-ml multi-dose vials; 5,000 units/ml and 10,000 units/ml multi-dose vials; and 5,000 units/ml single-dose vials when single doses were combined to create a larger bolus dose.

Nearly all reported adverse reactions have occurred in three specific areas of product use: hemodialysis, invasive cardiovascular procedures, and apheresis procedures. Some of these reactions, particularly profound and refractory hypotension, may be severe or life threatening. The manufacturer is conducting a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the increased number of reported adverse reactions.