Cleanroom Garments


Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Since human-generated contamination plays a large role in critical environments, special care must be taken to provide appropriate garments to minimize the human impact on the cleanroom. Other important factors include specialty fabrics to safeguard technicians, as well as proper laundering and care of reusable attire.

Chemical-resistant gloves with new grip technology

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Ansell offers AlphaTECTM gloves, the first chemical-resistant gloves to incorporate Ansell Grip TechnologyTM. Designed as a liquid-proof product requiring less force to grip oily or wet objects, the gloves integrate microscopic channels in a patented ultra-thin nitrile layer to direct fluids away from the grip surface, leaving a significant dry contact area that provides almost the same grip that is possible under fluid-free conditions. This improved adherence promotes greater worker comfort while minimizing stress and fatigue. The production process ensures an exceptionally safe chemical barrier. The gloves’ polymer coating does not penetrate into the liner during the manufacturing process, which results in consistent protection for the skin. The nitrile coating is also designed for greater flexibility. For more information about new AlphaTEC gloves or any of Ansell’s line of protective gloves and apparel, visit the web site or contact Customer Service at 800-800-0444.

Red Bank, NJ

Cleanroom garment tracking service

CleanTrakTM is ARAMARK’s proprietary web-based garment management system, which provides high information availability and timeliness. CleanTrakTM provides customers with an easy-to-use web interface that allows them to manage their garment program online. The information is actual data taken directly from ARAMARK’s i barcode system, Garment Tracking System (GTS). CleanTrakTM is easy to use with almost no instruction. The web-based system allows the customer to see garments that are assigned to their inventory by item code or barcode; weekly in and out counts by line item; individual barcode history; a customer report that provides a five-week summary that can be downloaded into an Excel file or viewed onscreen; and receiver review. To learn more, call 800-759-0102 or visit the web site.

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ARAMARK Cleanroom Services
Burr Ridge, IL

Custom garment and consumables programs available

Ameripride and Canadian Uniform Services announce their CleanStyle Cleanroom Division. CleanStyle represents fine reusable and consumable cleanroom services and products. With multiple certified ISO 4/Class 10 cleanroom laundry facilities in the United States and Canada, and service locations throughout North America, the company provides comprehensive service solutions. The CleanStyle Superior Apparel Management System (SAM) using state-of-the-art RFID tracking for reliability is exclusive to Ameripride and Canadian Uniform Services and provides an immediate data history, enabling the company to track the life of all reusable garments. Cleanroom technical support and vast experience allows CleanStyle to assist with customers’ growth and provide new solutions and flexibility as needs change. On-site inventory management programs ensure excellent product availability and accountability while saving both time and money; and CleanStyle’s large product inventory of cleanroom reusable and consumable products makes it an ideal single source provider for cleanroom requirements. For more information, contact a cleanroom specialist at 416-849-5100 or toll free at 866-539-7575.

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CleanStyle Cleanroom Division
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Garments provided with recommended clothing standards

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Connecticut Clean Room Corporation provides quality cleanroom garments for many different industries including cleanroom, critical manufacturing, industrial, and any environment that requires sanitary standards. Choose from lab coats, coveralls, frocks, aprons, isolation gowns, bouffants, hoods, face masks, and covers. The company carries TyvekTM, DuPont SuprelTM, KleenGuard*, Vidaro, Worklon, polypropylene, and SMS, and offers both disposable and reusable garments depending on your needs. The Customer Care Team provides information on Recommended Cleanroom Clothing Standards and will help you to select the right garment for your specific application. Modifications may be required according to individual processes and other factors affecting garment usage and frequency of change. All garments meet or exceed the stringent requirements needed in a critical environment ranging from Class 100,000 to Class 1.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation
Bristol, CT

Extensive in-house quality testing on garment offerings

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Established in 1979, Dastex Reinraumzubeh??r is among the most experienced companies within the cleanroom business in Europe. Dastex specializes in the production of high-quality cleanroom garments and undergarments. To meet customers’ requirements, the company produces a multitude of different designs of cleanroom textiles in various fabrics, colors, and sizes. Products are tested by independent and internationally accepted research institutes before suppliers are approved. Dastex also operates its own “body box,” equipped with a Helmke drum test facility to determine filter efficiency of cleanroom fabrics and other tests to determine air permeability and retention of particles in technical fabrics. Continuous development in the field of garments and the company’s participation in research projects help to guarantee high quality standards, allowing Dastex to provide customers with professional advice and supply them with technical fabrics according to their demands.

Dastex Reinraumzubeh??r GmbH and Co. KG
Muggensturm, Germany

Line of personal protection products

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DuPont is dedicated to the science of protection. The goal of DuPont Controlled Environments is to provide high-performance solutions for today’s demanding controlled environments. Combining a heritage of scientific innovation and material, garment, and manufacturing expertise, the company’s products are specially engineered to enhance productivity in today’s demanding biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, and electronics cleanroom environments. DuPont Controlled Environments offers a wide range of protective garments and products, including DuPontTM Tyvek® IsoCleanTM garments for premium protection, DuPontTM Suprel® LS for a balance of comfort and protection, and a range of accessories such as DuPontTM GripperTM shoe and boot covers with high coefficient of friction properties. In addition, DuPont Controlled Environments specialists are industry experts who can help customers with site assessment and a variety of contamination control issues to help ensure each customer’s critical environment is as efficient as possible.

DuPont Controlled Environments
Richmond, VA

Disposable and reusable garments

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Innotech Products, Inc. launderable contamination-control garments provide comfort and durability while minimizing overall apparel costs. The company offers a wide selection of fabric that meets specific ESD and cleanliness requirements. Available fabrics are Taffeta, ChemStat® 909A, Burlington C3, and other materials specific to controlled environments. DuPont’s Tyvek®, Isoclean®, and Proclean® disposable items exhibit superior cleanliness and ensure maximum particle containment. These disposable garments are durable enough to be used more than once, yet inexpensive enough to be discarded, saving laundering expense. Innotech’s cost-effective line of non-linting, 100 percent spun-bond polypropylene disposable apparel is individually inspected for stitching, sizing, material, and workmanship to guarantee quality. Many styles of bouffant caps, hoods, shoe/boot covers, sleeves, frocks, coveralls, and aprons are available to meet needs from Class 100,000 to Class 10. To speak to a cleanroom specialist regarding your cleanroom needs or for info on how to achieve USP <797> compliance, call 888-270-0458 or e-mail

Innotech Products, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

Low-linting face masks

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KIMTECH PURE* M3 Face Masks from Kimberly-Clark Professional are ideal for use in cleanroom environments. Two versions of the mask are available: a pleat-style mask with knitted earloops and a pleat-style mask with soft ties. The masks’ low-linting apertured polyethylene film outer layer provides protection from contamination, and a BICOSOF* fabric inner facing provides comfort. These masks provide excellent bacterial and particle filtration, along with good breathability.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

100 percent nylon gloves

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Magid Glove and Safety offers the Fiberlock® 132NYA cleanroom glove, which provides great dexterity and touch sensitivity and is low-linting. The glove is seamless and 100 percent nylon. Its high-density construction and double-hemmed edge deters paint penetration to the skin, limits snags, and eliminates lint releasing into the environment, making it suited to particulate-restrictive areas in the electronic, semiconductor, and automotive paint industries. The 132NYA is manufactured entirely in a cleanroom with an ISO 6 rating using heat-treated, texturized, stretched, cleaned, and packaged yarn. Once produced, the gloves are then taken to an onsite laundering facility and pre-laundered to retain their size after multiple launderings and then packaged in heat-sealed, BHT-free polybags. In addition to the signature Magid products, the company offers products from Aearo, Ansell, Best, 3M, Uvex, MSA, and more.

Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. LLC
Chicago, IL

Garment replenishment program

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Prudential Cleanroom Services, a leader in cleanroom laundry service systems, has an IN-STOCK reusable cleanroom apparel program that represents many of the industry’s most respected fabrics and styles. The garment replenishment program inventories IN-STOCK garments utilizing industry recognized fabrics that will allow for customer installation in two weeks or less. This service eliminates the long lead times that are common from cleanroom garment manufacturers. Prudential Cleanroom Services is a division of Prudential Overall Supply, established in 1932. Since 1960, Prudential Cleanroom Services is recognized as a leader in cleanroom laundry processing services. The company’s network of ISO 9001:2000 certified ISO 3 cleanroom laundry-processing facilities extends throughout the United States, along with an operation in Malaysia.

Prudential Cleanroom Services
Irvine, CA

Clean apparel for multiple industries

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Transforming Technologies provides high-technology garments, cleanroom fabric, cleanroom boot soles, and specialized cleanwear accessories. HypalonTM shoe covers, temperature-resistant NomexTM Gloves, and other performance wear are designed for controlled environments and other critical applications. Serving semiconductor, disk drive, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers, Transforming Technologies works continuously to develop improved offerings for meeting the most demanding requirements. Recent product innovations include conductive cleanroom soles and gamma-compatible HypalonTM shoe covers.

Transforming Technologies, LLC
Sylvania, OH

Ultra-clean boot covers with non-skid soles

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Valutek, a partner in contamination control since 1988, offers a variety of disposable and reusable cleanroom apparel designed to provide complete protection. The company’s ultra-clean, breathable, lightweight boot covers are made from polyethylene-coated polypropylene. Designed to protect operators exposed to splashes from certain chemicals, blood, and particulates, Valutek boot covers are impervious to liquids and lint-free, and have excellent tensile strength and tear resistance. A durable, non-skid PVC sole ensures a safe step where additional traction is needed. Valutek will be launching a new and improved web site in early 2008, with easier navigation, greater functionality, and a better customer experience.

Phoenix, AZ

Sterilizable boots available in various fabrics

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GripLine® boots by White Knight are designed to withstand the rigors of the cleanroom as well as gamma sterilization. The sturdy, gray molded sole provides an effective barrier between workers and potential contaminants on the cleanroom floor. These anti-skid, scuff-resistant boots protect against slips while they help keep cleanrooms clean. GripLine® boots come standard in white taffeta or white Maxima® ESD for electrostatic protection. They are constructed with full elastic at the top and ankle, as well as snap adjustments and a single strap over the arch to ensure a proper fit. Other fabrics and configurations are available on request.

White Knight Engineered Products
Charlotte, NC