Barrier isolators/laminar flow benches/workstations


Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Minienvironments and isolation equipment play an important role in reducing contamination through exposure to airborne particles and human contact. Developers of enclosures and accompanying workstation equipment must not only focus on the cleanliness of the atmosphere but also keep in mind how the design will affect user experience and safety.

Horizontal laminar flow clean bench

The Series 303 horizontal laminar flow clean bench is a general-purpose unit that provides a Class 100 or Class 10 clean air environment suitable for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection, or pharmaceutical operations. The cabinets are designed for quiet operation; sound levels vary depending on the size of the unit. HEPA filters provide horizontal laminar flow air that washes out particulates and prevents contamination from entering the clean work zone. Options include a removable, perforated HEPA filter protective grill, a safety glass hood, an extended hood (no built-in table), and ultraviolet germicidal lamps.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

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