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Solid State Technology

Year 2013
Issue 2


Cover Article

Vertical through-wafer insulation: Enabling integration and innovation

Through-wafer insulation has been used to develop technologies such as Sil-Via TSV and Zero-Crosstalk. PETER HIMES, Silex Microsystems AB, J??rf??lla SWEDEN


Today's top reliability challenges

BTS, BTI, soft errors, dielectric breakdown and other reliability challenges will be addressed at the upcoming International Reliability Physics Symposium.PETE SINGER, Editor-in-Chief.


Insights into low frequency noise in high-mobility transistors

The impact of high-mobility channel materials and novel device architectures on the low-frequency noise behavior of 22nm and below CMOS transistors is reviewed. EDDY SIMOEN, imec, Leuven, Belgium


Exploring the dark side

A look at the impact of back side particles on front side defectivity.Rebecca Howland, Ph.D. and Marc Filzen, KLA-Tencor, Milpitas, CA.


Automatic wafer inspection system replaces eyeballs with cameras

A fully automated RDS inspection system that replaces human inspectors is a game changer. Christopher Eric Brannon, Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX



Filling the fabs of the future

At press time, the sessions for The ConFab 2013 ( are being finalized.


Worldwide LED component market grows 9%

LED component revenue for lighting applications reached $3.11 billion in 2012, narrowly dethroning the large area display backlight segment at $3.06 billion. The worldwide market for LED components was $13.7 billion and is expected to grow to $15 billion in 2017, for a CAGR of 1.8%.


3D IC with TSV: Status and developments

While the drivers for 3D ICs remain performance and form factor, the time line for its adoption keeps shifting out into the future. Several technical challenges and infrastructure issues such are delaying high volume manufacturing of TSV technology for 3D ICs. Until these issues can be resolved, alternative packages will continue to be used.


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New Products


Econometric Forecast: Semiconductor growth should recover by 2014

The weakness in economic growth spills into end products containing semiconductors in 2012 and early 2013, according to a new report from Linx Consulting.


GaN use growing in power semiconductors

GaN has turned out to be the choice for most of the power semiconductor applications and is quickly replacing the existing silicon technology, according to a new report from Research and Markets.


10 IC product segments to exceed total IC market growth in 2013

Ten product categories, led by tablet MPUs and cellphone application MPUs, are forecast to exceed the 6% growth rate forecast for the total IC market this year, according to IC Insights' 2013 McClean Report.


China's top 10 packaging and assembling facilities

Packaging and assembly are key segments of the growing semiconductor supply chain in China.


MEMS devices shape medical industry

MEMS devices are shaping the competitive landscape in the global medical device industry.


Silicon Innovation Forum to bridge funding gaps

SEMI, in collaboration with strategic investing groups throughout the global semiconductor industry, has announced the Silicon Innovation Forum, or SIF, to bridge funding gaps for new and early-stage companies with valuable semiconductor manufacturing and technology solutions.


Tronics to produce submicron MEMS technology of CEA-LETI

Tronics launched a new large-scale MEMS project to industrialize CEA-Leti's breakthrough M&NEMS, or Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems, technology.

Industry Forum

Managing process variations

Process variations are becoming one of the biggest challenges that both process development engineers and circuit designers must deal with in advanced process nodes.