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Solid State Technology

Year 2010
Issue 9



Gearing Up for The ConFab 2011

Pete Singer, Editor-in-Chief

Industry Forum

Forging a TSV supply chain in a consolidated market

Steve Lerner, Alchimer SAThrough-silicon via (TSV) is an emerging technology widely accepted as a basic enabler for current and future device generations, and also for the industry's advance into the "More Than Moore" space. If you're a well-established supplier of chipmaking equipment or design software, you certainly want to play in the TSV market -- but you want to do it in the way that's most beneficial to your company's bottom line. Today, the supply chain is trailing ITRS expectations for TSVs. Steve Lerner, Alchimer S.A., looks into the push-and-pull of TSV development and TSV adoption.


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What's inside Applied Materials' flowable CVD tool?

Chip density is a growing problem. Packing, and electrically isolating, 400M transistors on an area the size of a pinhead will eventually require stacking them vertically???e.g., DRAM memory 4F2 buried wordline, NAND flash "skyscrapers," and logic FinFETs.


Cover Articles

Cost-effective advanced copper metallization using ECPR

Cost-effective advanced copper metallization using ECPRElectrochemical pattern replication enables fine pitch, >2:1 aspect ratio plating of near vertical sidewall copper metal features without advanced lithography; its uniformity will prove to be very attractive for both front-end of line and back-end of line metallization processes. M. Thompson, P. Moller, M Fredenberg, D. Hays, W. Van den Hoek, D. Carl, Replisaurus, Kista, Sweden

Interconnect Metrology

Production metrology of advanced metallization structures using XRR and WA-XRD

A new interconnect metrology technique enables the monitoring of the thickness and the density of the copper and barrier layers while also obtaining valuable microstructure information in terms of phase, grain-size, and texture. Asaf Kay, Alex Tokar, Jordan Valley Semiconductors, Ltd., Migdal Ha'Emek, Israel; Matthew Wormington, Jordan Valley Semiconductors, Ltd., Austin, TX USA

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum/abatement technology saves the bottom line and the planet

Recent advances in vacuum and abatement technology are providing significant reductions in energy costs and carbon footprint for semiconductor, FPD, LED and PV manufacturing operations. Mike Czerniak, Edwards, Clevedon, North Somerset, UK