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Solid State Technology

Year 2010
Issue 3



Beyond Silicon: What's Next?

Peter Singer, Editor-In-Chief

Industry Forum

Time to go labless for new product ramp-up

The semiconductor industry is ready to see a new foundry lik model emerge, supporting the transition to "Labless" manufacturing just as the development of foundries fostered the emergence of fabless semiconductor companies, Michel Villemain, Presto Engineering Inc., San Jose, CA USA


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Tech News

Novellus launches SOLA xT UVTP system for sub-45nm HVM

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ASM's PowerFill epi enables power management devices

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Study tracks concerns about using Cu bonding wire

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IBM, Fujifilm tweak BaFe particles for record magnetic tape data density

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Resetting the bar for fastest graphene transistor

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Product News


Ion Implantation

Comparative study of advanced boron-based ULE doping

B2H6 PLAD and B18H22 molecular implants demonstrate the best Rs-xj and abruptness characteristics, while beam-line BF2 implants as well as cluster B implants show worse Rs-xj characteristics.Shu Qin, Y. Jeff Hu, Allen McTeer, Micron Technology, Inc., Boise, ID USA


III-V MOSFETs: beyond silicon technology

Results so far are highly encouraging for III-V MOSFETs to be used for ultra high speed, and ultra low power applications. Richard J.W. Hill, Jeff Huang, Joel Barnett, Paul Kirsch, Raj Jammy, SEMATECH, Austin TX USA

High K_metal Gate

Integrating high-k /metal gates: gate-first or gate-last?

For low power applications, gate-first is arguably the most appropriate choice, but for high performance applications, complex solutions (e.g., SiGe channel for pMOS) need to be considered in order to meet the performance requirements with a gate-first process.