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Solid State Technology

Year 2010
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Life after the

Pete Singer, Editor-in-Chief

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Innovation on the interface between disciplines

The semiconductor industry is positioning itself on the plane of two complementary axes—the traditional scaling or More Moore axis, and the More than Moore axis. Luc Van den hove, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium


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World News

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IMAPS 2009: Fusion bonding for 3D/TSV, wafer-level/multichip packaging for MEMS

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Getting greener: New fab EHS benchmark tool debuts

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Improved tungsten deposition for 3Xnm logic, memory

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Product News


Cover Article

All-wet stripping process for highly implanted photoresist

An all-wet photoresist removal process has been developed that reduces the number of process steps and eliminates the potential for plasma-induced substrate damage, while minimizing substrate material loss. Ron Nan, Freda Lee, Jey Hung, SMIC, Shanghai, P.R.C.; James. M.M. Chu, Jack Yuan, David Yang, FSI International, Hsinchu, Taiwan R.O.C., Jeffery W. Butterbaugh, FSI International, Chaska, MN USA

Technical Forecast

Executive viewpoints: The recovery has arrived!

The conventional wisdom is that scaling will continue at the traditional pace defined by Moore's Law well into the future. To gain insight into what technologies will be required , and what impact the recent downturn had on technology development, leading executives provide their perspectives on what 2010 will bring.

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For 2010, marketplace optimism abounds

Booming. Recovery. Upturn. Choose your favorite optimistic word, and that is what many analysts surveyed by Solid State Technology are projecting for the semiconductor market in 2010.