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Solid State Technology

Year 2011
Issue 10

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450mm Gaining Momentum

Despite many unanswered questions, including the big ones of cost and timing, the transition to 450mm received a substantial boost recently with the formation of a "Global 450mm Consortium" by Intel, GlobalFoundries, IBM, TSMC and Samsung.

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3D progress seen at SiP global summit

Chairman Tong stood by the prediction he made at last year's meeting that serious commercialization of 2.5D and 3D ICs would likely begin in 2013.

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Sorting hype from reality in flexible displays

Flexible displays enable both robustness and novel form factors. Electrophoretics ??? reflective displays which use colored charged particles that respond to an applied voltage ??? are already widespread through their use in e-readers.

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Sealing components need standards!

Sealing components need standards for consistentmeasurements

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Litho tool explores tradeoffs at 20nm and below

At the SPIE BACUS Photomask Technology conference (Sept. 19-22, Monterey, CA), D2S announced a mask-wafer double simulation accelerated workstation for R&D exploration, bit-cell design, hot-spot analysis, and mask defect categorization for qualifying and optimizing semiconductor designs at the 20nm node and below.

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IHS iSuppli has lowered its 2011 semiconductor forecast to 2.9%, followed by 3.4% growth in 2012.

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Invensas demos DFD implementation of its xFD technology

Invensas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tessera Technologies, demonstrated the dual-face down (DFD) implementation of its new multi-die face-down (xFD) packaging technology at the Intel Developer's Forum (IDF, Sept. 13-15, San Francisco).

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The era of fully-depleted devices

Planar FDSOI devices can be used to improve the short channel effect when scaling down to 11nm and have a much simpler integration scheme compared to alternatives.

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Creating phase-change memory devices with GeTe thin films

GeTe deposition can be a productive process in applications such as PCM devices where the ability to fill small structures is mandatory.

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Substrate innovations for the mobile application processor market

From process technologies, to materials innovation, to pricing models, many innovations have been introduced by substrate suppliers to enable the growth of FC CSP in the mobile market.