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Solid State Technology

Year 2011
Issue 6


Industry Forum

300mm Prime vs. 450mm: not an either/or choice

Paul Lindner, EV Group, St. Florian, Austria


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World News

Technology News

Intel hits 22nm stride with trigates

Intel has taken the wraps off its next chip technology, a 22nm process utilizing a new 3D trigate architecture promising faster speeds and big power savings, which will ramp to volume manufacturing later this year.

Technology News

IITC: BEOL beyond 22nm, CMOS-compatible CNTs

SST caught up with two presenters from this year's IITC conference in Dresden to get more details about their interconnect technology research.

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Product News


Cover Article

High-productivity materials development for post-via etch residue removers

Utilizing a high-productivity combinatorial technique, the best formulation and process window for post-via etch residue removers was determined. Rekha Rajaram, et al., Intermolecular Inc.; Barry Chen, et al.,ATMI, Inc., Danbury, CT and Round Rock, TX

450mm Wafer Transition

450mm wafer transition needs collaboration and standards

As the global supply chain deals with wafer size transition, pre-competitive collaboration will continue to be the best path towards economic efficiency and industry rationality, and Standards play a major role. Jonathan Davis, SEMI, San Jose, CA.

3d Integration

Silicon interposers: building blocks for 3D-ICs

Silicon interposers seem set to stay as a valid alternative implementation to full 3D-IC designs. Matthew Hogan, Mentor Graphics, Wilsonville, OR


Metrology of epitaxial thin-films by advanced HRXRD and XRR

Using complementary metrology techniques, the authors determined the thickness, composition and relaxation of SiGe and Si:C layers. Paul Ryan, et al., Jordan Valley Semiconductors, Durham, UK

Defect Detection Automat

Centralized automation control increases performance and reduces costs

The capabilities of advanced motion controllers enable OEMs to achieve high-performance requirements. Cameron Sheikholeslami, ACS Motion Control, Eden Prairie, MN