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Solid State Technology

Year 2011
Issue 5


Interconnect Structures

BEOL technology at 20nm half-pitch

New approaches to patterning, low-k and metallization are reviewed for 20nm hp interconnects. Gerald Beyer, Zsolt Tokei, imec, Leuven, Belgium

Redistribution Layers

RDL: an integral part of today's advanced packaging technologies

RDL technology has been instrumental in the development of many advanced packaging technologies such as fan-in and fan-out WLP, and TSV applications. Philip Garrou, MCNC, Research Triangle Park, NC; Alan Huffman, RTI Int., Research Triangle Park, NC

Next Genergation Ics

Pioneering new devices and materials for future ICs

It is expected that from the 15nm node on, the industry will need to adopt new transister architectures; among the contenders: FinFETs and TunnelFETs. Thomas Hoffmann, imec, Leuven, Belguim

Test Sockets

Configurable Kelvin contacting for today's advanced packages

In the precision analog marketplace Kelvin testing is becoming increasingly important to adequately test today's advanced packages. Jeff Sherry, Johnstech International, Minneapolis, MN USA

Cover Article

Nano-porous dielectrics and copper barriers for 28nm and below

Copper barrier solutions exist that ensure electrical and reliability performance even as device scaling continues. Harry Whitesell, Eric Hollar, Kang Sub Yim, Li-Qun Xia, Thamos Nowak, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA USA



A Day at CAMP

Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief

Industry Forum

Millisecond annealing: extendible to 20nm and beyond

Jeff Hebb, Ultratech, Inc., San Jose, CA USA.


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World News

Technology News

3D CT X-ray imaging fills inspection gaps, says Xradia

Xradia has unveiled its latest micro computed tomography (CT) 3D X-ray imaging system, the VersaXRM, targeting gaps in the semiconductor, materials science, geomaterials, and life sciences market segments.

Technology News

LED test standards, packaging material challenges

Emerging LED test standards and HB-LED packaging materials pros/cons were two of the topics covered at MEPTEC's The Heat is On event in late March.

Technology News

IBM to use water cooling for future 3D IC processors

At the recent CeBIT Fair in Hanover, Germany, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano announced that IBM's 3D technology will likely appear in its Power8 processor, planned for 2013, using 28nm or 22nm process technology.

Technology News

3D IC toolset readiness, Cu bonding, interposer failings

The recent IMAPS Global Business Council Meeting and Device Packaging Conference (mid-March in Ft. McDowell, AZ) was the source of some significant new developments in the areas of 3D IC and fan-out wafer-level packaging.