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Solid State Technology

Year 2011
Issue 4



The Impact of Japan's Triple Disaster

Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief

Industry Forum

Packaging Roadmaps at MEPTEC

Phil Garrou, Contributing Editor


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Technology News

Metal organic precursors for LED manufacturing

At the Strategies in Light conference (Feb. 22-24, Santa Clara, CA), Ravi Kanjolia, CTO of SAFC Hitech, discussed metal organics (MO) supply issues and technologies being adopted by compound semiconductor manufacturers.

Technology News

SPIE 2011: Where are we now with EUV?

Given the mountainous expenditures in EUV lithography, what are its main accomplishments so far?

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Cover Article

Wet-process technologies for scalable through-silicon vias

Electrografting nanotechnology has been optimized for highly conformal growth of TSV films, enabling a large reduction in cost-of-ownership per wafer compared to the dry process approach. Claudio Truzzi, Alchimer S.A., Massy, France

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Surface preparation for 2011 and beyond

Surface clean engineers must discover new methods to realize contamination and surface termination requirements at each step of the manufacturing process, while simultaneously considering the impact to health, cost and the environment. Joel Barnett, SEMATECH, Austin, TX, USA

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Random yield loss during wafer cleaning

The Cleaning studies of silicon wafers in DI water in both conventional wet-bath and a single-wafer cleaning tool clearly show that pumping methods have a strong influence on process performance. R. Prasanna Venkatesh, Jung-Soo Lim, Jin-Goo Part, Hanyany University, Ansan, Korea