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Solid State Technology

Year 2011
Issue 3


Tech News

Substrate/epi wafer inspection for LEDs: Excursion sensitivity matters

KLA-Tencor has debuted an automated inspection system for substrates and epitaxial wafers used in high-brightness LED (HB-LED) manufacturing.

Tech News

ITRS 2010: A More-than-Moore Roadmap?

The 2010 Update to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) was released in late December.

Tech News

Five takeaways from TSMC's 450mm pledge

TSMC chief exec Morris Chang had some surprisingly candid and bullish projections about a 450mm wafer-size transition during the company's recent 4Q10 quarterly results call

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Gate Stack Engineering

Scaling transistors: from new materials to new device architectures

Strain and high-k/metal gates have been used to answer near-term scaling challenges. A consistent theme has been the introduction of new materials, and this will only expand in future nodes as strain techniques lose their effectiveness due to shrinking dimensions and technologists look to integrations more advanced than conventional planar FETs. Bill Taylor, Chris Hobbs, SEMATECH, Albany NY, USA

High K Metal Gates

High-k metal gate characterization using picosecond ultrasonic technology

Picosecond ultrasonic technology can be used during various stages of process development, integration, and volume manufacturing for monitoring the HKMG stack; this information can be used to characterize the process, and optimize deposition and CMP processes. J. Dai, P. Mukundhan, J. Chen, J. Tan, Rudolph Technologies, Flanders, NJ USA; D.B. Hsieh, T.C. Tsai, 1-United Microelectronics Corp., Tainan, Taiwan

Cover Article

Leveraging ion implant process characteristics to facilitate 22nm devices

Using implant as a precision material modification in contrast to its traditional role as a semiconductor dopant tool, provides enabling technology and new applications. James L. Kawski, Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Gloucester, MA USA



The Word on Collaborative Innovation

Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief

Industry Forum

Tackling the rising cost-of-test for semiconductor devices

Kenneth A Ramsey, Executive Vice President, MCT Worldwide, LLC, Minneapolis, MN USA