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Solid State Technology

Year 2011
Issue 2


Technology News

ITRS 2010: What happened during this off-year?

Technology News

Oxide bonding patent litigation has begun

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Technology and cost considerations for high-volume HBLED lithography

Lithography is one of the critical processes affecting overall LED device yield and performance, but the use of 1X steppers provides significantly better technology and economic advantages for high-volume manufacturing environments. Manish Ranjan, Doug Anberg, Warren Flack, Ultratech Inc., San Jose. CA USA


The road ahead for SiPs

With the proper up-front evaluation of SiP designs, a tool box of enabling technologies, and strong team interactions between all involved parties, SiP solutions can enable novel electronic products with faster time to market than would be possible with traditional scaling. Darvin Edwards, Masood Murtuza, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX USA


The future of lithography

Semiconductor manufacturers are now relying on immersion lithography for the 32 nm node, sometimes with double- and triple-patterning approached. Work progresses on EUV as the heir apparent, but e-beam lithography could emerge as a viable alternative. We invited experts from SEMATECH, imec, Cymer , D2S and Molecular Imprints to give their perspective on next generation lithography challenges and solutions.


Predictive, short-interval scheduling improves litho utilization and cycle time

An advanced scheduling approach is providing semiconductor manufacturers with improved results in critical photolithography areas. Steve Marteney, Applied Materials Inc., Salt Lake City, UT USA



HBLED Manufacturing: Gearing Up

Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief