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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 11



Kudos to Tech Award Laureates

This month, a group of individuals will receive some well deserved recognition for their work in developing technical solutions that benefit humanity and address the most critical issues facing our planet and its people.

World News

Betting on a 2009 recovery? Not so fast

Gartner now expects capex to slide even further this year (-25% to $47.1B) and will drop another 13% in 2009 to $41.1B, thanks to a full-on collapse in memory investments and economic pressures on consumer spending habits. Look for a pickup in 2010 (16.7% to $47.9B) and a bigger surge in 2011 (23.1% to $59.0B), and then another downturn in 2012 (-10.5% to $52.8B).

Tech News

Diskcon: HDD litho crossover happening now

A full-day symposium at this year’s Diskcon USA (Sept. 14-18) explored the lithography implications of sub-ITRS roadmap feature sizes on disk drives, with the challenge that HDD lithography must cost 10?? less than NAND flash lithography, the lowest-cost semiconductor process.

Tech News

Slurry reduction is “groovy” at Rohm and Haas

Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials recently announced CMP pad groove designs that enable defect and slurry reduction.


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Product News

Industry Forum

To 32nm and beyond: a design-manufacturing symbiosis

At the 32nm node, technology enablers such as double-patterning, strain enhancement, advanced OPC, etc., require design for manufacturing (DFM) to support a design through manufacturing (D2M) methodology that is correct-by-construction.


Cover Article

Raising the bar on wafer edge yield—an etch perspective

A variety of plasma techniques have been introduced to manage the unique dielectric and conductor etch challenges encountered at the wafer’s edge, as well as address bevel-clean challenges that impact yield.

Compound Semiconductors

Optical in situ monitoring in LED device production

The most significant issue in LED MOCVD growth today is precise control of the wafer temperature throughout the whole growth process.

Parylenes For Flexible E

Parylenes for flexible electronics and display applications

A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) polymer technology has been developed to use low cost monomers and provide highly crystalline and thermally stable polymer films for the sub-65μm ICs and OLED display applications.