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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 10


Fab Management

Strategies for energy reduction in semiconductor manufacturing

ISMI’s Environment Safety Health (ESH) Program has undertaken specific projects to demonstrate efficiency and conserve energy in semiconductor manufacturing operations.

Fab Management

Realizing the 450mm transition

The International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) is actively involved in building the foundational infrastructure and coordination of activities to enable a 2012 pilot line target date at the direction of its members.

Fab Management

A vision for a next-generation 300mm factory

To help meet next-generation factory (NGF) challenges, ISMI has been tasked by its member companies to explore ways in which improvement in cycle time and cost reductions can achieve targets of 50% and 30%, respectively, by 2012.


EDA interface value proposition

Cycle-time improvements and time-waste reduction are being accomplished by improving equipment setup times and operations.


Reference metrology and standards: staying ahead of the ITRS

The International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative’s (ISMI’s) Metrology Program, as a result of its charter to evaluate leading-edge metrology, spends a great deal of time building and evaluating testing structures and techniques.

Redefining Semiconductor

Redefining semiconductor industry R&D

In 1987, Morris Chang, President of Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and a 25-year veteran of Texas Instruments, recognized an opportunity to redefine semiconductor manufacturing.


ISMI targets non-product wafer reduction

The International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) has identified the use of non-product wafers (NPWs) as one of the significant costs to the fab.


Product News

Product News

These two tools for wafer edge (E30) and backside inspection (B30) provide improved sensitivity and high throughput for inspection and in-line monitoring of 32nm FEOL and BEOL manufacturing processes.

Product News

Defect-inspection tool for monitor wafers

The SurfScan SP2XP monitor-wafer defect inspection system incorporates upgrades from the original edge-handling version SurfScan SP2XP, including improved sensitivity to defects on silicon/poly/metal films and enhanced ability to sort defects by type and size.

World News

DRAM, NAND woes seen spilling into 2009

Despite a mild recovery in 2Q08, global DRAM makers are once again building inventories and pulling the rug out from prices, and the buildup will likely push out a full market recovery until the end of next year, according to a new warning by iSuppli.

Tech News

MoSi-ing along to 32nm

The chrome material that has blocked the light on binary masks for a generation may finally have outlived its usefulness, according to Franklin Kalk, CTO of Toppan Photomasks, in an exclusive interview with SST.


Three years, two months to 2012

We’re pleased to be bringing you this special issue, the result of a collaborative effort between ISMI and Solid State Technology, initiated last year.


Accelerating productivity: key to industry prosperity

ISMI ??? it’s all about productivity: increasing output and decreasing costs.