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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 8



PV and IC industries converge

I had the good fortune to tour a solar cell manufacturing plant in East Germany earlier this year, and it was an eye-opening experience.

World News


Things are looking bleaker by the month for companies serving semiconductor makers.

Tech News

Report from VLSI Symposium: Planar CMOS to 22nm, at most

This year’s VLSI Symposium meeting (June 16-19, Waikiki, HI) highlighted 45nm to 16nm CMOS technology.

Tech News

Intel eyes scalable FBC technology for 15nm and beyond

Among the papers presented by Intel at the VLSI Symposium was one describing fabrication of the smallest reported floating body cell (FBC) planar devices, with functional devices measuring down to 30nm gate length (#9.4, “A Scaled Floating Body Cell Memory with High-k + Metal Gate on Thin-Silicon and Thin-BOX for 15nm Node and Beyond”).

Tech News

Dow Corning targets maskless lithography with latest e-beam photoresists

Dow Corning Electronics’ silicon lithography solutions group announced the commercial availability of Dow Corning XR-1541 e-beam resists, designed to enable the development of next-generation, direct-write lithography processing technology.

Industry Forum

Commodity price pain, or sustainable opportunity?

Resource constraints are appearing with increasing frequency in our work and personal lives. Those constraints usually present themselves in the form of higher prices—as predicted by the classic supply-and-demand economic model.


Cover Article

Public policy for engineers: solar industry depends on policymakers’ goodwill

The photovoltaic industry’s growth is almost entirely due to favorable government policies.

On The Route Toward 3d I

On the route toward 3D-integrated all-solid-state micro-batteries

Rechargeable all-solid-state batteries will play a key role in many future autonomous devices.

Defect Reduction For Lat

Defect reduction for lattice mismatched epitaxy via aspect ratio trapping

Germanium and III-V materials have emerged as possible successors to Si for high-performance digital logic transistors in VLSI applications.

Challenges Of Hydrogen P

Challenges of hydrogen pumping in emerging applications

Emerging applications, such as thin-film solar cell manufacturing in the solar industry and silicon/silicon germanium (Si/SiGe) epitaxy in the semiconductor industry, are using increasing levels of hydrogen gas in certain process steps.

Effect Of Pump Induced P

Effect of pump-induced particle agglomeration on CMP

An investigation of pump-induced large particles and their impact on computer hard drive substrate CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) is summarized.


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Featured Products

The Sirius 6000 abatement system addresses greenhouse gas abatement challenges arising from dielectric and polysilicon etch processes used in semiconductor manufacturing.

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Products News

The VK-9700 Color 3D laser scanning confocal microscope combines the capabilities of SEMs and non-contact profilometry with the simplicity of a conventional microscope.