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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 7



Reduced capex: The new power play

The semiconductor industry has matured by most measures. With one exception, it is profitable, and managers appear to have figured out how to balance supply (capacity) with demand.

World News


Global semiconductor sales are seen growing just under 5% in 2008, better than the 3.2% seen in 2007 but only half of the 9.1% expected just six months ago, according to new calculations from World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Inc. (WSTS).

Tech News

SEMATECH Litho Forum: Steady progress on all fronts

With almost all major R&D lithography efforts reporting at SEMATECH’s Litho Forum (May 12-14, 2008, Bolton Landing, Lake George, NY), the common theme resonating throughout a debrief with forum co-chair Mike Lercel (and SEMATECH’s lithography director) and program chair Bernie Roman is one of great progress made on many fronts with a growing interest in maskless/e-beam lithography.

Tech News

Edge: the final cleaning frontier

Primarily driven by immersion lithography, defects on the wafer edge can transfer to the circuit areas and kill yield, and may be removed using wet etches, dry plasma etches, lasers, and mechanical abrasion.

Tech News

ALD comes to single-metal high-k gate stacks

Though semiconductor researchers spent years trying to identify an alternative to SiO2 for the transistor gate dielectric, it turns out that search was the easy part.

Tech News

Novellus tips strip clean tools for logic, memory

Novellus Systems has released two new variations on its Gamma multi-station sequential processing (MSSP) architecture, targeting high volume memory and logic/foundry fabs.

Tech News

New tool takes on flicker noise

Cascade Microtech has unveiled a new test system designed to measure flicker noise in ICs, seen as a barrier to lowering device operating voltages as geometries shrink–and a strategic initiative to integrate measurements systems to provide users with measurement accuracy assurance.

Chip Forensics

Image sensors adopt wafer-level packaging for mobile phone cameras

This month, SST presents a preview of the July edition of Chip Forensics, an online column by Dick James, senior technology adviser at Chipworks, a specialty reverse-engineering company that takes apart ICs and electronics systems in order to provide engineering information for its customers.


Featured Products

The Imprio HD 2200 is the latest addition to the company’s family of Step and Flash Imprint Lithography (S-FIL) tools for hard-disk-drive (HDD) applications.


Product news

The Electro Plus Fusion Machine, with hand-held user interface, speeds the electrofusion joining process of thermoplastic pipe and fittings and can be used with several of the company’s piping systems.

Industry Forum

Managing across-wafer process variation

Step-and-scan and resolution enhancements in optical lithography have enabled printing much smaller usable features.


Cover Article

High-k goes to production, but arguments continue

The manufacturing infrastructure for high-k stacks is reasonably mature. Manufacturers have access to the toolsets and precursors they need, even if they aren’t sure thus far what structure to build.

Compound Semiconductors

Integrating III-V on silicon for future transistor applications

Since the early 2000s, many new electronic materials have been explored and incorporated into silicon CMOS transistors for enhancing their device performance and energy-efficiency.


32nm node USJ formation using rapid process optimization metrology

Ultra-shallow junctions (USJs) that are <10nm at the 32nm node require the close process optimization of ion implantation (elemental species, energy and dose) with diffusion-less annealing (millisecond and spike combination) in order to reduce device variation and achieve “high-quality” junctions.


Applications-based assessment for the printable electronics market

Printable electronics has been on an exponential growth curve for many years. Current prospects for printable electronics include sophisticated patterning to create memories and transistors; the variety of materials for printed electronics has also expanded.

Ehs Contamination Contro

PVA brush design advances for Cu/low-k post-CMP cleaning apps

To meet next-generation challenges, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) brush designs may need further optimization in design and materials, and many of the cleaning chemistries and approaches will have to change.

Thin Wafer Processing

Temporary bonding/debonding for ultrathin substrates

A jointly developed temporary bonding/debonding system designed for ultrathin wafer processing is described, as well as critical parameters to be considered in processing thin wafers, including TSV creation.