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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 6



New roadmap targets cycle time, waste

Assume that a semiconductor manufacturing factory is completely empty, with all resources ready to run.

World News


The top–four foundries stayed comfortably ahead of the pack in 2007, with SMIC and Chartered still battling for third place behind TSMC and UMC, according to IC Insights.

Tech News

Mask defect inspection tool duel: KLAC vs. AMAT

As chip feature sizes have fallen to less than one–third of the exposure wavelength, the advanced photomask has become more and more of an optical element.

Industry Forum

Key building blocks for a 22nm transistor

Understanding what a 22nm transistor will look like requires answers to many diverse factors.


Cover Article

Instrumented wafers enable etch chamber matching

This study describes Qimonda’s use of autonomous instrumented temperature and voltage sensing wafers for determining the causes of chamber mismatch in production plasma etch systems.


Graphene: a playground for physics

Graphene, a two–dimensional carbon sheet, has attracted enormous interest because it appears to combine the desirable properties of nanotubes with a manufacturing–friendly planar structure.


Enhanced process metrology using plasma parameters in FDC

Automotive device manufacturers have to meet increasing levels of quality as their customers demand a zero defects quality level.

Display Technology

Dispensing for the OLED encapsulation process

As OLED manufacturing matures, larger substrates are required as they enable higher dispensing throughput for UV sealants.


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Featured Products

The Draeger Guardian Gas Detection System uses electrochemical sensor technology for detecting hazardous gas leaks, such as hydrochloric acid and vapors at low concentrations, where by–products can foul tubes, pipes, and instruments.

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Product News

FluoTemp–HT (high temperature) is a new series of fiber–optic temperature sensors capable of accurate temperature measurement up to 450??C, claims the company.