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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 3



A few lessons from ISS

It’s easy to think of the semiconductor industry as an anomaly in the history of business because, in fact, it is.

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Replacing traditional TFT-LCD manufacturing with a lower-cost alternative that is also a more efficient technology is (forgive the pun) a bright idea that should be attractive to manufacturers.

Contamination Control

Using ultrapure steam for water-contamination control

Multiple semiconductor and related processes-including diffusion, RTP, ALD, etch, and DUV lithography-currently use water vapor as part of manufacturing.

Contamination Control

In situ chemical cleaning for improved ion implanter utilization

The overall utilization efficiency of production ion implanters is strongly influenced by the build up of solid deposits inside the vacuum system.


Addressing manufacturing variation at advanced nodes with silicon-contour-based DFM

Applying foundries’ recommended design rules can often raise design costs because many recommended design rules result in trade-offs, requiring designers to spend more time in verification.

Chip Forensics

Intel pushes lithography limits, co-optimizes design/layout/process at 45nm

This month, SST presents a preview of the March edition of Chip Forensics, an SST online column by Dick James, senior technology adviser at Chipworks, a specialty reverse engineering company that takes apart ICs and electronics systems in order to provide engineering information for its customers.

Wafer Level Packaging

Stepper technology enabling wafer-level packaging adoption

Driven by the needs for mobile personal electronics, wafer-level packaging (WLP) is now being used for many mainstream ICs.


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Product Focus: Lithography

Industry Forum

Scalable MEMS manufacturing

Traditionally, MEMS devices have been developed using a combination of custom design and manufacturing techniques in a select number of captive MEMS foundries or in one of the commercial specialty MEMS fabs that have sprung up in recent years.


Cover Article

Multilayer thin film barrier for protection of flex-electronics

Continuous evolution marks the electronics industry’s progress toward even thinner, lighter and more flexible products.

Cover Article

Deposition technology for TFT-LCD production savings

A flat panel deposition technology, which utilizes a rotary target arrangement instead of the traditional planar and is also applicable beyond Gen 8.5, is described. In addition to enabling manufacturing and materials cost reductions in pre-sputter qualification, target consumption is reduced and data is presented showing that thickness uniformity, sheet resistivity, and target erosion profiles comply with Gen 8.5 TFT requirements.


Emerging materials on the Roadmap for silicon-based IC systems

In general, emerging materials will augment silicon transistor technology by providing enhanced speed, lower-power consumption, improved heat dissipation, improved memory capacity/data retention, or added RF/analog functionality while maintaining the large scale integration capability of CMOS.

Cleaning Surface Prep

Damage-free cleaning and inspection of advanced multiple-gate FETs

Multiple-gate FETs incorporating narrow silicon fins have been investigated as an alternate to traditional CMOS technology.


High efficiency solar cells with printed Al-alloyed rear contacts

Processes have been developed to create n-type silicon cells on thin wafers with screen printed aluminum-alloyed rear junctions.


More important, more complex: MEMS metrology

Just as MEMS developers are waking up to the fact that metrology tools can add value to development and fabrication of MEMS devices, tool suppliers are facing the challenges-and opportunities-of serving an increasingly complex market.