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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 2



Risk is reshaping the chip industry

What does the sub-prime mortgage meltdown have to do with chipmaking? In today’s global, interconnected economy, probably much more than we may think.

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The state of standards

A survey of MEMS industry players reveals points of agreement and divergence on the ever-controversial topic of production standards.

Industry Forum

Yield at any cost

Photomask costs are a painfully visible issue in today’s competitive semiconductor market.


Cover Article

High-index materials research key to extending immersion lithography

The adoption of water-based immersion lithography into 45nm half-pitch processes is in full swing, but if optical lithography is to continue to dominate leading-edge semiconductors, some advances are needed.


2007 International Technology Roadmap: MOSFET scaling challenges

The 2007 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) makes projections covering the next 15 years, through 2022.

Metrology For Lithograph

Influence of immersion lithography on wafer edge defectivity

In semiconductor manufacturing, the control of defects at the edge of the wafer is a key factor to keep the number of yielding die on a wafer as high as possible.

Contamination Control

Membrane compatibility for nanofiltration applications in DUV lithography

Typical photochemical solutions contain a variety of additives, often in trace amounts.


Improve productivity at nm nodes with faster physical verification

The increasing number and complexity of design rules result in a significant increase in design rule check (DRC) run times, many more DRC violations, and an increase in the intricacy of these violations that makes them more difficult to analyze and fix.

Vacuum Technology

Crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing requires vacuum-based solutions

Crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing requires vacuum-based processing tools for many critical steps, from mono- to polycrystalline silicon growth to thin-film depositions on silicon wafers.


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