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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 12



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Pete Singer Editor-in-Chief

Industry Forum

Taiwan DRAM consolidation: Where's the money coming from?

The Taiwan government faces real challenges in raising the capital for its DRAM consolidation effort, and it will expect the dubt to be repaid to its state-owned banks. Rupert Hammond-Chambers, US-Taiwan Business Council, Arlington, VA USA


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Tech News

Targeting 22nm and beyond copper electroplating

Tech News

New transistor noise model helps ID defects in gate stacks

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IBM pushes AFM to image molecular structure

Tech News

Mentor tips plans for unified Si test, yield analysis

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An analysis of potential 450mm CMP tool scaling questions

Simulations suggest that if the polishing pressure, relative sliding speed, and mean slurry thickness are held constant when scaling to 450mm, then slurry consumption will increase moderately and the wafer and pad temperature will be essentially unchanged. Leonard Borucki, Ara Philipossian, Araca Inc., Mesa, AZ USA; Michael Goldstein, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA USA

300mm Prime

300mm Prime and the prospect for 450mm wafers

300mm Prime efforts to date have failed to achieve the program goals of a 50% cycle time reduction and 30% cost reduction; however, simulations suggest that 450mm will be able to at least deliver close to a 30% cost reduction. Scotten W. Jones, IC Knowledge LLC, Georgetown, MA USA

New Materials

EUVL resist and materials development for the 22nm node and beyond

The consortia model minimizes cost and risk, and seems to have emerged as the preferred business model to facilitate EUV introduction. Warren Montgomery, CNSE assignee to sematech; Bryan Rice, Intel assignee to sematech, Austin, TX USA


Defect reduction using POU filtration in a new coater/developer

How defectivity improvements via enhanced point-of-use (POU) resist filtration can be reproduced on next-generation process equipment. Toru Umeda, Shuichi Tsuzuki, Toru Numaguchi, Pall Corp., Inashiki-gun, Ibarakiken, Japan