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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 9



The end of innovation? Not possible.

Pete Singer, Editor-in-Chief

Industry Forum

The myth of infinite demand

The PV industry needs stable demand, grid parity with conventional sources of energy as an equilizer, along with new business models that allow consumers to choose between buying electricity or buying a system. Paula Mints, Navigant Consulting


World News

2Q spike reveals rainbow, cyclicality

Maybe the maturing semiconductor industry is through with cyclical highs and lows spanning several years, but those cycles are alive and well if you drill down to a narrower scope, notes IC Insights.

Tech News

ASML fulfills “holistic litho” plan with two tools, custom packages

Citing the embodiment of its concept of “holistic lithography,” ASML has unwrapped two hardware/software components to help chipmakers improve lithography process windows while avoiding costly and timely steps and maintenance downtime.

Tech News

Going green gives new life to reclaimed silicon

ATMI latest “green” product, RegenSi 74, released at SEMICON West, is an improved and more environmentally friendly extension of its advanced test wafer recycle and reclaim products.

Tech News

Norcimbus uncrates variable gas flow mixing system

Norcimbus FCIV Inc. introduced its NBlend variable flow gas mixing system at SEMICON West, which allows manufacturers to transition away from using specialty gas cylinders and achieve cost savings by blending their own specialty gases in-house, implementing a facility’s existing bulk gas supply infrastructure.

Tech News

SEMATECH’s 450mm progress, next steps

SEMATECH subsidiary ISMI provided SST with tidbits from its closed-door discussions on Wednesday centered on the 450mm transition: some supplier selections are complete and >60 are engaged for test wafers, which are slated to distribute in 3Q09.

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Product News


Cover Article

High-power EUV lithography lightsources come of age

Laser-produced plasma (LPP) EUV source technology has advanced toward the specifications needed for actual chip production. David C. Brandt, Nigel R. Farrar, Cymer Inc.

Wafer Cleaning

Suppression of galvanic corrosion in advanced BEOL integration

A single-wafer closed chamber system has been developed to control oxygen levels in the processing fluid and chamber atmosphere to eliminate oxygen corrosion reaction. Jeffery M. Lauerhaas, FSI International

Die Attach

Self-filleting technology using smart die-attach paste

Die stacking designs make it difficult to use traditional paste materials—but now, self-filleting materials may mark the re-emergence of die attach paste as the material of choice for cost-effective packaging. Debbie Forray and Ilya Furman, Henkel Corp.

Semiconductor Survivor A

Semiconductor Survivor Awards

These are difficult times for the semiconductor industry. Many would say the most difficult ever.