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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 8



Heard at The ConFab

For the past five years, PennWell has sponsored an event called The ConFab, which is a conference focused on semiconductor manufacturing issues, combined with a variety of focused “networking” opportunities for sponsors and delegates.

Industry Forum

The recession’s silver lining: a mandate for more efficiency

The recession has caused CEOs to revisit the fixed cost issue and call upon value chain producers to provide a variable and lower cost solution with aggregated expertise and scalable learning. Jack Harding, eSilicon Corporation


World News

SEMI: Fab investments poised for a comeback

Fab spending has been sliding since early 2008 and is poised to sink to a 10-year low in 2009, according to recent data and projections from SEMI???but the good news is that 2010 could see a 90% surge in fab investments.

Tech News

Intel Research Day: Update on EUV, other projects

Research at Intel Labs covered at the chipmaker’s annual event (June 18, Mountain View, CA) covered the major categories of eco-innovation, 3D graphics on the Internet, mobility, and enterprise.

Tech News

GA Tech: Graphene could replace Cu for IC interconnects

Researchers at Georgia Tech say they have experimentally demonstrated the potential for graphene to replace copper for on-chip interconnects and help extend performance scaling for silicon-based ICs.

Tech News

Oerlikon discusses path to $0.70/W thin-film PV panels

Oerlikon Solar announced during this spring’s Intersolar in Munich that it had achieved 11% initial power conversion efficiency on its full-size micromorph (a thin-film technology) modules (1.4m2), or 151Watts of initial power.

Tech News

Applied targets 22nm copper barrier/seed PVD

Applied Materials says its new Endura CuBS RFX PVD system, qualified for copper barrier/seed deposition technology at 32nm and 22nm for production of logic and flash memory, provides a lower cost/wafer than competing technologies, including CVD alternatives, by as much as 40%???calculating a normalized COO of the 130Å Ta + 450Å RFX Cu process (CuBS) at $1/wafer, according to Marek Radko, the firm’s BEOL GPM manager.


Cover Article

New regs on sub-atmospheric gas sources reduce risk, improve safety

Given the general concern about the safety of highly toxic materials in transport and use, it is likely that use of sub-atmospheric gas sources will grow for reasons of general public safety. Al Brown, RUSHBROOK and Karl Olander, ATMI

Thermal Processing

Thermal processing issues for 22nm node junction scaling

Whether flash lamp or sub-melt laser annealing is used for 22nm node ultra shallow junction, the annealing process and equipment must also be optimized to prevent strain relaxation, high-k/metal gate stack failure and wafer breakage. John Borland, J.O.B. technologies: Susan Felch; Zhinmin Wan, AIBT; Masayasu Tanjyo, Nissin Ion Equipment; Temel Buyuklimanli, EAG.

Wafer Bonding

Pressure indicating film characterization of wafer-to-wafer bonding

Wafers are bonded by applying precise combinations of physical pressure, temperature, and/or voltage. Pressure is measured as an average, assuming perfectly flat pressure plates. In practice, the pressure plates are often non-ideal, or they may have degraded over time. Applied pressure characterization is important for high yielding eutectic/thermocompression bonds. Kwan-yu Lai, Micralyne Inc. and Jeffrey G. Stark, Sensor Products Inc.

Defect Detection

Non-visual defect inspection for comprehensive yield management

The arrival of new semiconductor device structures and processes are giving rise to non-visual defects, which require new ways of thinking about yield management. Ralph Spicer, Qcept Technologies.