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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 7



Nanotech and the Semiconductor Industry: Will Packaging Be Early Adopter?

The semiconductor industry’s position on nanotechnology has been interesting to observe over the last decade.

Industry Forum

Keeping PV fabs safe: the right thing to do — and economical

By taking the right steps with regard to safety, the solar industry can keep its costs in line and also take pride in running facilities efficiently. Andreas Widl, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum


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Tech News

NanoGram stays focused on multi-crystalline silicon for PV apps

Silicon has many advantages for solar application: it’s a well-known material with well-characterized performance data, field-proven for solar applications with high conversion efficiency and a demonstrated 30-year lifetime.

Tech News

Synopsys’ new DFM strategy: Focus on in-design verification

With the release of its IC Validator targeting sub-45nm designs, Synopsys Inc. is inaugurating a new strategy with respect to DFM, to differentiate what it considers manufacturing software from the “true DFM” tools on the design side of the equation.

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IMEC’s “noble” efforts to integrate nanophotonics with hi-speed CMOS

Plasmonic technology, today still in an experimental stage, has the potential to be used in future applications such as nanoscale optical interconnects for high-performance computer chips, extremely sensitive (bio)molecular sensors, and highly efficient thin-film solar cells.

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Cover Article

Manufacturing challenges with plastic overmolded packages

High-volume manufacturing techniques have considerably reduced the assembly and test cost of plastic packages; those with enhanced thermal properties and significantly improved reliability and performance are now available. Anwar A. Mohammed, Infineon Technologies.

Reliability Of Pop Devic

Reliability of PoP devices manufactured using underfill methods

Underfill type and strategy will be key to enabling highly reliable PoP devices. Vicky Wang, Henkel Loctite (China) Co. Ltd. and Dan Maslyk, Henkel Corp.

Identifying Root Causes

Identifying root causes of systemic yield loss using model-based yield analysis

Model-based analysis reduces the time to determine the root causes of yield losses. An Carlson, Rudolph Technologies Inc.

An Automated Robot Teach

An automated robot teaching method improves process control

A fab reduced cycle time and increased film-deposition uniformity and die yield per wafer. Craig C. Ramsey, CyberOptics Semiconductor Inc.

Addressing Esh Issues Fo

Addressing ESH issues for the global semiconductor industry

ESH issues can be addressed by leveraging available ESH funds, preventing duplication of efforts, and benchmarking. Ron Remke, Tom Huang, Steve Trammell, Laurie Beu, Walter Worth, ISMI.

A Blueprint For Enterpri

A blueprint for enterprise-wide deployment of advanced process control

Enterprise-wide R2R and FDC deployment can lead to improved process capability and detection of key faults impacting productivity. James Moyne, Applied Materials required component in all fabs, providing process improvement and waste reduction.