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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 6



Semiconductor Survivor Call for Entries

These are difficult times for the semiconductor industry. Many would say the most difficult ever. Hopefully, we are nearing the end of the recession and prosperity will quickly return.

Industry Forum

Creating a data-driven tool architecture

Data requirements for semiconductor manufacturing equipment have increased dramatically over the past decade. So much, in fact, that tool-control software purchased or built more than five years ago is probably already outdated.


Memory Sector Ready To R

Memory sector ready to rebound? Not quite

Signs that the DRAM market hit a bottom in 1Q and is poised to rebound don’t quite paint the whole picture, which from a broader perspective still shows things plodding along, far from a meaningful recovery.

Tech News

IITC 2009: Innovation in copper contacts, 3D, metrology

In its first foray outside of the US, IITC 2009 (June 1-3) took place in Sapporo, Japan, attended by some 600 scientists, engineers, exhibitors, and other interconnect professionals.

Tech News

28nm tapeouts proceeding according to plan

Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. has established a new photomask manufacturing process at its photomask facility in Asaka, Japan, to support 32nm and 28nm semiconductor device production, through an ongoing joint development project with IBM.

Tech News

MIT makes 36nm lines with “interference” litho step

A team of researchers at MIT have produced 36nm-wide lines using interference patterns and a photochromic material, and say the technique could be extended down to patterns on the scale of individual molecules.

Tech News

Inside Novellus’s tungsten CVD process for 32nm

Novellus says its new CoolFill tungsten CVD process offers a larger process window to achieve void-free fill that meets the ITRS’ electrical property requirements for 32nm DRAM and logic devices.

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Product News


Cover Article

Thin films for 3D: ALD for non-planar topographies

Extreme and non-planar substrate topographies that provide challenges for conventional thin film deposition techniques are abundant.


Combined reflectometry-ellipsometry technique to measure graphite down to monolayer thickness

Graphene, the single layer of graphite, has been the focus of many researchers internationally because of its unique electronic properties.

Integrated Odp Metrology

integrated ODP metrology with floating n&k’s

One of the major contributions to the optical critical dimensions metrology uncertainty is the variations in optical properties (n&k’s) of film stack materials.

Engineered To The Task W

Engineered to the task: why camera-phone cameras are different

At face value, the camera inside a cell phone is no different from that found in many other digital imaging applications.