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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 5



In Search of the Next Switch

Jeff Welser, director of the Nanotechnology Research Initiative, is on a mission to find a replacement for the transistor, which is rapidly approaching fundamental limitations.

Tsv Reaps Headlines Mvp

TSV reaps headlines, MVP reaps profits

While high-density through-silicon vias (TSV) hold the limelight in advanced packaging development, a low-density via-through-pad version of TSV has moved past them to production.

Industry Forum

A PV manufacturing state of the union

Historically, photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers have developed in-house capability one machine at a time, and since the industry was small, there was little outside interest in changing this paradigm.


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World News

Tech News

Megasonic cleaning tool seeks a clean sweep at 65nm and below

At advanced technology nodes (65nm and below) there is a need for cleaning technology that better manages the ever-shrinking cleaning process window.

Tech News

New inspection tool addresses yield, solar cell classification

KLA-Tencor Corporations’s latest inspection product, the PVI-6, designed for optical in-line dual-sided inspection of photovoltaic (PV) wafers and cells, can inspect solar wafers and cells at the highest speed and accuracy for all stages of the production process, according to the company.

Tech News

Double-duty tool cuts costs for c-Si solar-cell wafering

The most expensive component of crystalline silicon-based PV manufacturing flow is the wafer — reducing wafer fabrication cost is considered key to the goal of making solar energy competitive with grid power.

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Parallel probing universes draw closer

For the most part, the universes of wafer probes and sockets have customarily been separate and distinct.

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Product News


Cover Article

Copper BEOL solutions for advanced memory

While most copper back-end-of-line (BEOL) memory applications today utilize a single damascene layer of copper for the bitline, there are growing applications that utilize multiple copper layers and dual damascene.

The Reliability Margin O

The reliability margin of interconnects for advanced memory technologies

The trends of decreasing dimensions and new materials motivated the investigation of how these may affect the dielectric reliability of the interconnect structures.

Identifying Yield Impact

Identifying yield-impacting polishing-induced defects on polished silicon substrates

Traditional incoming wafer quality analysis methods have proven inadequate in detecting polishing induced defects (PID).

Thermal Laser Separation

Thermal laser separation for wafer dicing

Thermal laser separation (TLS) is used to separate brittle materials using well known basic principles.