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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 12



Will 3D keep the chip industry rolling?

There may be trouble ahead for the conventional shrink approach to Moore’s Law.

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Simulation software enables DFM for MEMS

Mask aligners are usually used as proximity printing tools where the mask is printed on the wafers using a “shadowing” technique.

Emerging Technology

Industry confronts porous dielectrics...again

The semiconductor industry’s last attempt to integrate porous dielectrics ended in a retreat to simpler solutions.

Industry Forum

Rising lithography costs: Where’s the crisis?

As the semiconductor industry has advanced to the beat of Moore’s Law, executives have repeatedly expressed concern about the rising cost of lithography.



Characterization and in-line monitoring of low-k porogen formation

The competitive requirement for increased device performance has compelled the IC industry to introduce lower dielectric constant (k) materials.

Cu Low K

Manufacturing integration considerations of through-silicon via etching

Through-silicon vias (TSV) will provide interconnect capability among multiple die in advanced three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) designs.


DRIE from MEMS to wafer-level packaging

Deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) has enabled the manufacturing of many different types of MEMS devices.


Optimized molecular contamination monitoring for lithography

Dedicated molecular contamination analyzers based on ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) can detect NH3 and SO2 contamination events in real time as well as measure ppt-level trends through long-term averaging.


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