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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 11



The Innovation Imperative

Where does innovation come from, and how can we foster more of it?

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MFC design for semiconductor processing usingcomputational fluid dynamics

Mass flow controller (MFC) designs must evolve to meet the need for ever more precise control of chemical and gas precursors used in semiconductor manufacturing.


Improving yield through parametric variability characterization and modeling

Random and systematic process variations reduce parametric yields significantly at the leading 65nm and 45nm CMOS process technologies.


Hydraulics vs. pneumatics for improved wafer-level bonding

Many emerging wafer bonding technologies are requiring higher applied force for successful wafer level encapsulations.

Industry Forum

Pure-play development foundries offer accelerated innovation

When process innovation is a requirement, a sound process development strategy is a must. Differentiation on silicon that is process- vs. design-based can hold very high returns for investors and technologists provided the innovation is accelerated via streamlined development efforts that understand both the development and the manufacturing challenges.



Converting nickel film to nano particles using hydrogen plasma treatment

Nickel particles on silicon wafers are popularly used as catalysts in growing carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

Cover Article

Combined illumination sources for hyper-NAcontact hole printing

Patterning of contact layers with minimal half pitch below 90nm has proven to be a very difficult task.

Modeling Vehicle Free Tr

Modeling vehicle-free transport to enable elimination of bottlenecks

Automated material handling systems (AMHS) are critical to the infrastructure of a 300mm fab.


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Technology Interdependen

Technology interdependence and the evolution of semiconductor lithography

Advances in semiconductor lithography have driven the rapid growth of the semiconductor industry since its beginnings.

Photomasks Is Nucleoepit

Photomasks: Is nucleoepitaxy in the future?

New Uses Of Ic Technolog

New uses of IC technology will enable better opportunities for optical lithography



Solid State Technology: The gold anniversary

Amazingly, it is now 50 years since Sam Marshall launched Semiconductor Products magazine, which has evolved into today’s Solid State Technology and the web site at www.


Fifty years on, IC industry’s greatest invention is itself

Founding a semiconductor magazine, or company, in 1957 required a leap of faith.


50th Anniversary Perspectives


Fify years of solid state achievements

A technology timeline from the editors of Solid State Technology