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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 5


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Energy conservation: the next big thing?

There is growing urgency worldwide to refocus energy policies. The thirst for fossil fuels is escalating in fast-developing nations, bringing supply and demand into a delicate balance, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to increase supply.

World News

Chartered reclaims No. 3 foundry spot

Total worldwide foundry sales rose 16.7% in 2006 to $21.5 billion, shrugging off a slowdown in business and an industrywide inventory buildup to represent nearly 24% of total semiconductor sales, according to data from Gartner Dataquest.

Tech News

Optics lives-but for how long?

Many presentations at this year’s SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium showed the 45nm node in production as scheduled, using 193nm immersion lithography, while others looked ahead to future nodes achieved on the two-year ITRS schedule (32nm in 2009, 22nm in 2011, etc.).

Yield Management

Improved yield through comprehensive CDM ESD failure analysis

In semiconductor manufacturing, damage and yield losses attributed to the effects of static charges are well documented, as are the specific causes of static charge generation.

Emerging Technology

New technologies promise lower costs, new markets for thin film photovoltaics

As the semiconductor industry enters its fifth decade, one of its greatest advantages over other technology-driven fields is infrastructure.

Product News

Product News

Industry Forum

Optimizing product cost through modern test management

Leading-edge fabs produce thousands of part numbers with new kinds of problems related to shrinking geometries, such as random defects from particulates and systematic fails caused by process alignment errors.


Cover Article

Asymmetrical pore membrane optimizes copper plating filtration

To achieve uniform copper plating on the surface of a wafer consistently in a production lot, a particle-free plating chemical solution must be presented to the wafer under uniform pressure, uniform flow, and in the proper chemical formulation.

Wafer Cleaning

Single-wafer process for improved metal contact hole cleaning

Wafer cleaning is becoming an increasingly critical process module in the semiconductor manufacturing flow.


Copper-nail TSV technology for 3D-stacked IC integration

Making reliable systems through direct interconnection between dice requires proper integration of via-processing technology as well as thinning and stacking technologies.


Single-pass die-to-database tritone reticle inspection

Tritone reticle designs present many challenges for both photomask manufacturers and defect inspection equipment suppliers.