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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 2



Weighing nanotech’s risk and rewards

Harnessing the exotic properties of materials at the nanoscale promises huge societal benefits, from the production of clean energy to the treatment of deadly diseases.

World News

Analysts see deja-vu chip growth in 2007, before peak in 2008

Analysts surveyed by SST generally reviewed 2006 as a decent year for the semiconductor industry, if you take away a “bloodbath” in microprocessors and a surprising weakness in ASPs.

Emerging Technology

Turning to an old friend, device engineers are reconsidering germanium

Yhe limitations of silicon are becoming more evident. Since the 90nm technology node, manufacturers have used silicon germanium (SiGe) source and drain regions, silicon carbide (SiC) liners, and other methods to strain the silicon channel.


High-volume full-wafer step-and-flash imprint lithography

S-FIL is a unique method for printing sub-100nm geometries [1-3]. When high-resolution alignment is needed, the S-FIL process uses field-to-field drop dispensing of UV curable liquids for step-and-repeat patterning.


An alternative technology for dose and focus monitoring

CD budget constraints necessitate focus and dose monitoring as standard process procedure.

Product News

Product News

Industry Forum

Assessing the challenges of EUV lithography

It is expected that single-exposure 193nm immersion lithography will reach the ultimate physical limits at the 32nm half-pitch technology node.

Tech News

Electron Devices Meeting goes 3D, low-power

The 2006 International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco, Dec. 10, 13, may be remembered as the start of a trend toward 3D integrated circuits with stacked devices.


Cover Article

Scaling and complexity drive LCD yield strategies

The display industry is growing at two to three times the rate of the semiconductor industry.

Fab Management

Optimizing an operation for world-class maskmaking

The semiconductor photomask industry business model has been changing since the advent of merchant shops in the 1980s, and the past 10 years have brought changes of epic proportions.


Materials Retrospective

Change and silicon: the only constants

They say that the only constant in the integrated circuit industry is change. Every two years, Moore’s Law brings another technology generation.