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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 11



New Tessera Stacked Packages

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Tessera Technologies developed a package stacking technology that addresses business and logistical issues created by multichip integration.

Ceramic Packagings Long

Ceramic Packaging's Long Road

Packaging markets have come full circle over the past 40 years. In the 1960s, thick- and thin-film hybrid technology addressed, in part, limitations of integrated circuit (IC) technology.

New Products

New Products

Think Tank

Think Tank



Editors and other people with the luxury of observing and commenting have been exhorting the packaging part of the semiconductor industry to work more closely with the front-end portion of it.


Step By Step

Wafer-level Packaging and Test, Technologies and Trends

The term "wafer-level packaging" (WLP) entered the microelectronics industry's lexicon in the late 1990s.

Optical Inspection Of Cs

Optical Inspection of CSPs

Until recently, X-ray technology was the only option for inspecting hidden solder joints on chip scale packages (CSP).

Bga Solder Joints.html

BGA solder joints

Plastic ball grid array (BGA) packages have gained popularity because of trends in product miniaturization and enhanced in-package electrical performance.

Stressed Metal Nanosprin

Stressed Metal Nanosprings

A critical area of microtechnology is the mechanical stress of thin films. Generally, the goal is to keep the stress as low as possible for providing durable and reliable film stacks.