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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 9


Think Tank

Think Tank

Little David went to the post office to buy stamps for his father. When he reached the counter, he had forgotten what his father wanted. From what he remembered, he asked the clerk for some 1-cent stamps; six times as many 5-cent stamps and 25-cent stamps for the remainder of the $4.00 his father had given him


SEMICON West Technical Talks

The technical sessions began with the presentation of the IEEE/CPMT Electronics Manufacturing Technology Award to Scott Kulicke of K&S for his "commitment and dedication" and "outstanding leadership and service.


SEMICON West Headlines

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - Below are some of the many press releases announced during SEMICON West. Visit the Advanced Packaging Web site at to find links to all these and other stories from SEMICON West.

New Products

New products

For more information, circle the corresponding numbers on the reader service card and mail back. For faster results, fax the card to 413-637-4343, or visit


Palomar Creates Process Development, Prototyping Capability

VISTA, CALIF. - Palomar Technologies established a new service that provides design, engineering and prototyping for its customers


IBM Introduces New Technology, Collaborations

EAST FISHKILL, N.Y. - IBM announced its second-generation "surface laminar circuit" (SLC) flip chip packaging technology, as well as agreements with Amkor Technologies, ASAT Holdings Ltd. and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. to provide the technology for their customers.


NEXX Systems Joins SECAP

MUNICH - NEXX Systems, an advanced packaging equipment supplier, joined the Semiconductor Equipment Consortium for Advanced Packaging (SECAP)


APiA to Supply ACE Semiconductor, Adds New Members

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - The Advanced Packaging and Interconnect Alliance (APiA) has agreed to work with ACE Semiconductor to provide a 200 mm advanced packaging process line in ACE's Shanghai fab


Movers and shakers

MRSI, A Newport Corp. Co., (North Billerica, Mass.) appointed Vincent Chin to applications engineer for the Asia Pacific region.


Auburn Offers Wireless Engineering Degree

AUBURN, ALA. - This fall, Auburn University's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering will launch the nation's first bachelor of wireless engineering degree program to provide students with the expertise needed for many related emerging technologies.


Don't Forget the Equipment Engineers

Last month in this space I highlighted the importance of the material suppliers to the future of our industry. As if they had a preview copy of that, the equipment engineers ambushed me at SEMICON West with more brilliant developments than I have ever seen at a single event

Industry Voices

As consumer and computing applications increase in functionality, semiconductor components are becoming more complex to meet the technology requirements of these products


SEMICON West: Technology Advances During a Slow Recovery

SAN JOSE, CALIF. In spite of continuing uncertainty in the semiconductor industry, there was a healthy level of excitement on the show floor at the back-end portion of SEMICON West in San Jose this year


Step By Step

The back-end process: Step 9
QFN Singulation

Two processes compared

Automated Mems Assembly.

Automated MEMS assembly

Design and process issues in optoelectronics

Solder Bump Inspection.h

Solder bump inspection

Evaluating new flip chip designs

Shining Stars Of The Ind

Shining Stars of the Industry

Second Annual Advanced Packaging Awards

The X Ray Inspection Rev

The X-ray Inspection Revolution

Pinpointing one pivotal advancement in X-ray inspection technology over the past decade is impossible given the many noteworthy innovations in recent years