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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 6


Think Tank

Think Tank

The Math and Logic Teasers Association (MALTA) was inaugurated a few years ago. At the end of the first year, its membership dropped by 10 percent


Final packaging equipment figures for 2001

The semiconductor packaging equipment market dropped by 56 percent in 2001, according a report from Gartner Dataquest, making it the worst annual contraction in the industry's history. The revenue in 2001 was $2.98 billion


New system for testing chips after dicing and thinning

Electroglas Inc. has developed test/handling equipment that allows for fully automated testing of ultra-thin chips, including the ability to test integrated circuits (ICs) after dicing or in wafer format


Special needs of large flip chip being addressed

ASE Test Limited and MTBSolutions (MTBS) announced that they are jointly developing packaging technology for large flip chip devices


Amkor continues expansion in Japan with Fujitsu deal

Amkor Technology announced a preliminary agreement to create a joint venture with Fujitsu


Movers and shakers

Unitive Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) appointed Arthur Bergens, Jr., as vice president and chief financial officer. He will be responsible for leading the company's financial strategy and growth

New Products

New Products

The DS-107 aligner bonder is an ultra-high precision assembly platform designed to align, place, and attach bare die, components and packages


IPC forms photonics group

The IPC announced the formation of the Photonics Manufacturers Association (PMA) Council, whose function will be to "organize and coordinate roadmapping, standardization, legislative, market research and education efforts" in the photonics industry


New materials highlighted at SEMI-THERM

Many new materials and technologies for addressing thermal management challenges were presented at IEEE's 18th annual Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium and Exhibition


Less than zero

Packaging almost seems like the kind of enterprise that has to have a finite future. Think about it - our task is to package chips while adding as little as possible to the size, cost and parasitics that detract from performance


A New Approach To X Ray.

A new approach to X-ray

Contract manufacturers and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblers are realizing that an X-ray system is a required tool rather than a "nice to have" system in their arsenal of inspection tools

Step By Step

The back-end process: Step 6 - Wire bonding

Ongoing demands for higher I/O counts while minimizing board real estate are driving high-density connections between chips and the packages

Bga Csp And Flip

BGA, CSP and flip chip

When to use which process, and why

10th Anniversary Insight

10th Anniversary Insights
Packaging matured as volumes grew

During the past 30 years, the semiconductor assembly process has undergone dramatic changes that continue to affect the industry's requirements for human resources, equipment and facilities

Stacked Fine Pitch Bga P

Stacked fine-pitch BGA packages

Addressing high-density memory requirements