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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 5



Movers and shakers

Stephan H. Schmidt, general manager, has been elected to the LPKF Laser & Electronics USA (Wilsonville, Ore.) board of directors.

New Products

New Products

The FXS-160.40 inspection system is designed for off-axis inspection of planar devices


Assembly equipment revenue roller coaster San Jose, Calif.

The final numbers for the revenue generated by assembly equipment sales in 2001 are in, and the results are not pretty


IEEE's CPMT announces winners

Pisctaway, N.J. - The Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT) of the IEEE recently announced the winners of its annual awards for technical excellence, achievement, leadership and service.


New opto packages announced at OFC

The Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in Anaheim in March included announcements of many new packaging technologies and products

Think Tank

Think Tank

For 1,001 nights, the princess related stories to the sultan. At the end of this time, the sultan said, "Do you know the number of nights that we had musicians entertaining us at dinner?"


10 years ago in Advanced Packaging

In the very first issue of Advanced Packaging, thermal management was probably the biggest topic


Intel reveals heat sink approach

The importance of thermal management to Intel's microprocessors was demonstrated by the prominence given to a recent announcement about heat sink technology


K&S adds packaging know-how to low-k alliance

Dow Chemical Co. announced the addition of five new members to its SiLKnet Alliance, a collaboration working to create products and processes for low-k dielectric materials


Updates on folded flex and thin packaging at ICAPS

IMAPS held its first International Conference on Advanced Packaging and Systems (ICAPS) in March in Reno


Assembly and test activity in China heats up

In an effort to leverage the production capabilities and growing markets in China, many companies are forming partnerships or opening new facilities there. Recent announcements include


Plus or minus 10 years

While putting together our 10th anniversary issue, it was great fun to look through old issues of Advanced Packaging to see what has changed and what hasn't in the past decade


Step By Step

The back-end process: Step 5 - Flip chip attach
Process and material options

Flip chip is a technology where semiconductor devices are mounted and electrically connected face-down directly onto substrates

Wafer Level Burn In With

Wafer-level burn-in with test

A key enabler for low-cost SoC and SiP

Ball Bond Shear Testing.

Ball bond shear testing

Advanced shear tools for gold ball bonds

Die Bonding For High Pow

Die bonding for high-power devices

Thermal management for broadband component assembly

10th Anniversary Insight

10th Anniversary Insights
The evolution of the subcontractor

The role and status of the packaging, assembly and test subcontractor has steadily increased over time