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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 4



Plexus licenses Tessera technology

Plexus Corp., an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider, will be licensing Tessera's chip scale packaging (CSP) and multichip packaging (MCP) technology


Bluetooth progress facilitated by ASE's fine pitch technology

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) is working with Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) to build its next generation Bluetooth chip


Progress on thin wafer handling

There has been much progress in the past year on wafer thinning, with portable electronics providing the driving force for thin die


New system automates thermal measurements

Netzsch Instruments introduced a new line of flash diffusivity instruments for measurement of thermal properties, such as specific heat and thermal conductivity

New Products

SEMICON Europa Products

Aluminium nitride ceramic heatsinks are ideal for passively cooled, high-powered laser diode modules and can be more thermally efficient than aluminium oxide components.

Think Tank

Squares Within Squares

Mary wanted to plant tulips and marked out a 12 feet square area with four stakes at the corners, intending to prepare the bed later in the week


Packaging industry leading the way

A common topic of discussion on these pages and in the industry as a whole is the convergence of wafer processing and packaging technology


SECAP spreads the word with APiA launch

SECAP, the Semiconductor Equipment Consortium for Advanced Packaging, is in its second year now with some interesting projects underway


The Back End Process Ste

The back-end process: Step 4 - Die attach
Today's challenges

In back-end semiconductor manufacturing, the die attach process is a critical step. In simple terms, die attach is picking a chip from a wafer and placing it onto a substrate or metal lead frame

Plated Leadframe Metrolo

Plated leadframe metrology

Optical collimation improves capabilities for Au/Pd/Ni films

Integrated Packaging And

Integrated packaging and testing of optical MEMS

Working toward fully integrated solutions

Variable Frequency Micro

Variable frequency microwave curing

Advanced process finds optoelectronic applications

Wafer Level Mems Packagi

Wafer-level MEMS packaging

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) contain fragile parts that require encapsulation in a hermetically sealed cavity for reasons of protection, reliability and tuning of performance

10th Anniversary Insight

10th Anniversary Insights
A short history of wafer-level packaging

There have been only a few fundamental shifts in the history of electronic packaging that changed the whole industry. One was the step from through-hole assembly to surface mount technology (SMT)