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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 3



Antidote for supply chain woes

When talking with industry contacts, I often ask people what they see happening to help the poor "visibility" up and down the supply chain. The answers are not very encouraging.

New Products

New Products

System A45 is an automatic pick-and-place system designed to handle wafers up to 8-inches with low pick-up force and features an improved ink dot and wafer mapping capability


APEX focuses on test and inspection

Test and inspection equipment of all kinds could be found all over the show floor at the IPC's APEX conference and exhibition in January



Intel's Packaging Plans Discussed


Newport to acquire MRSI

Newport Corp. announced during APEX and Photonics West that it will be acquiring Micro Robotics Systems Inc. (MRSI), a privately held company based in North Billerica, Mass.

Think Tank

Think Tank

Farmer Giles had an equilateral-triangle-shaped lawn with a side of 42 yards. Being too lazy to mow such a large area, he bought a goat to eat the grass


Flip Chip Defect Detecti

Flip chip defect detection

Acoustic micro imaging and destructive correlation

The Back End Process Ste

The back-end process: Step 3 - Wafer backgrinding

With the proliferation of smaller and thinner packages for portable and hand-held products, there is an increased need for thinner semiconductor devices

New Reflowable Underfill

New reflowable underfill materials

Processing parameters and reliability performance

Liquid Crystal Polymers.

Liquid crystal polymers

A flex circuit substrate option

10th Anniversary Insight

10th Anniversary Insights
As semiconductor packaging and board assembly converge

Throughout the electronics industry, new packaging technologies are driving changes in manufacturing