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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 11


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Data Bank

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Another Perspective on Outsourcing

Recent columns published in Advanced Packaging reported on the moves of IC makers to outsource assembly and test operations based on the argument that if a capability is not something that you put in your sales literature, then maybe that capability should be outsourced.


Let's Do the Numbers

Everything is measured in numbers. This September, Sunnyvale-based Advanced Micro Devices introduced a 64-bit chip designed for speeding up and increasing memory in desktop computers. Though most wonder if the increase from today's 32-bit is useful, since most desktop software cannot take advantage of the new capabilities.


In the News


Strip Testing Uniformity

Strip Testing: Uniformity in Final Package Test

The goal of saving time and money by conducting final test in strip or matrix format can be achieved by applying prober-based sort floor technologies and methods to final test handling. While today's sort floors can process multiple types of devices in the same physical format, a wafer, final test has a proliferation of multiple handler types for each package family.

Cost Benefit Of Strip Te

Cost Benefit of Strip Test

A major challenge facing the semiconductor manufacturing industry is increasing the efficiency of final manufacturing processes. The migration of cost structure from wafer fab toward final manufacturing has placed it in the crosshairs of fiscal scrutiny and revealed economic and technical issues that could conceivably impair some manufacturers' economic viability.

Assembly Processes For F

Assembly Processes for Flip Chips on Substrates

Flip chip assembly is a key capability to enable product miniaturization. Our previous studies have investigated several flip chip interconnection types, including anisotropic conductive film or paste, and Au-Au thermosonic bonding. This project focuses on the assembly of 0.200- and 0.250-mm-pitch solder flip chip devices.

Mems Applications For Sc

MEMS Applications for Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are finding applications in products or systems that require reliable operation over extended periods of time.

3 D Measurement System F

3-D Measurement System for Use in Microelectronics

Ball grid array (BGA) package warpage caused by the mismatch of coefficients of thermal expansion and asymmetric package geometry creates some solder joint reliability problems — especially for chip-scale packages.

Nsub2 Sub Inerting For R

N2 Inerting for Reflow of Lead-free Solders

Due to environmental and health concerns about lead contamination, there is increasing pressure in legislation and a growing market demand to eliminate toxic materials. Lead-free soldering for the electronics industry is becoming a global trend, and several alloy systems alternatives have been recommended.

Next Generation Electron

Next-generation Electronics Packaging Using Flip Chip Technology

There is a rapid increase in the number of electronic packages using flip chip technology. With the ongoing expansion of the Internet, mobile phones, PDAs, desktop computers and laptops, digital camcorders, digital cameras and other electronic-based consumer products, the flip chip revolution is in full swing.