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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 10


Data Bank

Data Bank

Global semiconductor sales reached $12.9 billion in July 2003, up from the $12.5 billion in revenue reported in June 2003 — the fifth consecutive monthly increase and a 10.5 percent increase from July 2002 revenue of $11.68 billion.

New Products

New Products

Packaging Trends

Subcontractor Update

The quarterly updates from the major sub-contractors had more positive than negative news for the first time in many quarters. Most of the major firms saw at least 10 percent revenue growth in the second quarter of 2003 compared to the first quarter, and most of them showed improvements in the profit/loss column as well.

Industry Voices

Environmentally Friendly Lead-free Takes the Lead

The trend toward lead-free production of electronic components is accelerating rapidly in the U.S. In Asia and Europe, legislation has already been passed that introduces time lines for a ban on the future use of lead-based components in new equipment.


The Latest New Thing

Though markets tend to go in and out of fashion, it's important for those covering the industry to keep in touch. The optoelectronics market, for instance, has always been a bit elusive, just tantalizing us with possibilities.


In the News


The Impact Of Embedded C

The Impact of Embedded Components

Different types of materials, increased automation and advanced team design processes are just some of the ways companies can lower costs and maintain high standards. Add to that the desire of consumers to have smaller and lighter products, and the challenge that OEMs face today is clearly recognized.

Op Amp Performance.html

Op-amp Performance

To understand the impact of package stress, what key parameter of an operational amplifier (op-amp) the stress affects most must be considered. A general-purpose op-amp specifies an input offset voltage (VIO). This parameter is the DC voltage that must be applied to the input terminals to cancel the DC offset within the op-amp to force the quiescent DC output voltage to a specified level (Figure 1).

The Back End Process

Mold Compound

Mold compounds are the plastics used to encapsulate many types of electronic packages, from capacitors and transistors to central processing units (CPUs) and memory devices.

Emerging Micro Technolog

Emerging Micro-technology Finds Favor with Wafer Producers

Tangible progress is being made in the wafer fabrication world and beyond based on new micro-production and replication technology, which presents nickel as a low-cost alternative to silicon for a growing number of next-generation production processes, concepts and applications.

Cover Story

Power IC Packaging Improves Performance, Functionality

In most semiconductor technologies, the silicon is outpacing available packages' ability to provide the full advantages. Power ICs are no exception and, in fact, are behind silicon capabilities. A new packaging technique promises to change this situation.

Reliability Requirements

Reliability Requirements for Portable Electronics

Chip scale packaging (CSP) has been driven primarily by the small form factors required for portable electronics and other high-density semiconductor applications. It has been shown that reliability requirements can be met in spite of the design constraints imposed by these applications. Even when the form factor dictates a stacked approach, ultra-thin CSPs can be stacked and still meet — and exceed — the physical and reliability requirements.