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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 7


Data Bank

Data Bank

Packaging Trends

Quarterly Reports Show Few Bright Spots For Sub-contractors

For the most part, the good news still has not arrived in the packaging and test sub-contractor world.

Industry Voices

Build It and They Will Come

I was up late the other night and flipped to the classic movie channel as the movie "Field of Dreams" was playing. I hadn't seen it in a few years and decided to watch it again. In the movie, a voice keeps hounding Kevin Costner to take the ultimate risk of plowing his crop of fully mature corn under to build a baseball field.

New Products

Product Preview




Front End, Back End and a Little of the Middle

Now that SEMICON West is upon us the idea of back-end and front-end points out the separation of each step of electronics packaging. Each step in the process sometimes becomes so removed from the mainstream that engineers may lose sight of how an understanding of the whole benefits each step.


The Back End Process

Ribbon Wedge Bonding

With the recent growth of optoelectronics assembly, the use of ribbon wire for interconnects has become more widely used. This article explores the basics of the ribbon bonding machine configuration and some of the finer points of ribbon wedge tools and wire.

Wafer Bump Reflow.html

Wafer Bump Reflow

Wafer-level packaging has grown in popularity in recent years because manufacturers can now maintain the cost of the IC packaging as a constant percentage of the total wafer cost.

Productivity Enhancement

Productivity Enhancements in Advanced Packaging Lithography

The need for faster devices and smaller form factor has resulted in a prolific adoption of advanced packaging techniques. As semiconductor devices continue to migrate to smaller features, higher frequencies, higher power densities and lower voltages, the industry requires an aggressive packaging technology roadmap.

Multi Functional Dispens

Multi-functional Dispensing for Semiconductor Back-end Packaging

Liquid dispensers have long played an essential role in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly.

Reducing Flip Chip Bga O

Reducing Flip Chip BGA Open and Short Fail Rate

Due to its excellent thermal and electrical performance, the flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA) package has become more and more popular in the semiconductor packaging industry for high pin count integrated circuit devices.

Part Ii Hygroscopic Swel

Part II: Hygroscopic Swelling of Encapsulated Microcircuits

Polymeric mold compounds absorb moisture and, thus, swell when exposed to a humid environment.

Leadframe Chip Scale Pac

Leadframe Chip Scale Packaging

The proliferation of new packaging families and variations today is more rapid than ever before.