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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 11


Editorial Board

The Expanding Role of Wafer-level Processing

Five years ago the promise of wafer-level processing for advanced packaging meant improved performance, reduced form factor, and the potential of reduced packaging costs.


Organizing Electronics Worldwide

I recently put together a panel of experts to discuss the concept of "jisso," and what the Jisso North American Council hopes to accomplish.


In the News

Industry Voices

Outsourced Assembly and Test

At Amkor, we are addressing opportunities to expand the outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) industry.

Notable Developments

Advanced Packaging Techniques Impact High-energy Physics Research

Scientists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) are working on a new major high-energy physics project, the BTeV (B physics at the Tevatron) experiment.

New Products

New Products


The Back End Process

Test, Assembly, and Packaging: Benefits of Automation

Total factory automation in test, assembly, and packaging (TAP) facilities has changed very little over the last decade.

Impact Of Flip Chip On F

Impact of Flip Chip on Flex Processes

Best-In-Class Product Density at Minimum Cost and Maximum Production Rates

Packaging Optoelectronic

Packaging Optoelectronic Components

An Emerging Model

Embedded Passives Rf Des

Embedded Passives, RF Design

Overcoming Mixed-Technology Design Challenges

Flexible Hybrid Die Atta

Flexible Hybrid Die Attach

Flexibility is key when it comes to die attach capabilities critical for hybrid microelectronics, especially in North America's automotive, medical and military markets.

Cover Story

Fabrication of Wafer-level Nano-optics

"Embossing" is an ancient technical term in the English language, traceable to the period 1350 to 1400, and used by Chaucer in its present sense.