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Solid State Technology

Year 2004
Issue 1


Packaging Trends

Subcontractor Update: More Profits, More Optimism

Business is booming at most of the major assembly and test subcontractors. More of them returned to profitability in the third quarter of 2003, some saw record revenue, and most gave an optimistic outlook for the fourth quarter.

Data Bank

Data Bank

New Products

New Products

Industry Voices

Collaborative Design is Not a Four-letter Word

How many times has an advanced technology/engineering marvel been implemented into a new or existing product, only to be thrown over the fence to the manufacturing group?

Neurons On Chip Bridging

Neurons on Chip: Bridging the Gap Between Biology and Microelectronics

To bridge the gap between biology and electronics in neurons on chip, IMEC, the University Hospital of Leuven (Leuven, Belgium) and Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel) researchers are exploring new transducer concepts, surface chemistry solutions and packaging techniques. We believe that the key to efficient and reliable ionoelectronic devices is surface chemistry.


A New Year Begins

Each New Year brings with it a hope for continued growth and prosperity. This year is no exception. Let's face it; the last two years in electronics assembly have been grim. However, most signs point upward for 2004.


In the News


Liquid Cooling Of High P

Liquid Cooling of High-performance Microcomponents and Microsystems

Heat generation rates in electronic components and systems continue to increase, as performance expectations rise and sizes are decreased. Traditionally, the key metric for defining the thermal challenge has been the heat flux, or the rate of heat generation per unit area.

The Back End Process

Package Selection for Design

As the industry continues to shrink die sizes and package footprint requirements, increase clock speeds and demand greater thermal performance, package design selection now goes well beyond a simple assessment based on physical attributes.

Bga Socket With Heatsink

BGA Socket with Heatsink for High-power Devices

The classic function of a socket is to provide a connection mechanism from the IC to the circuit board with as little electrical load as possible. This allows the IC to function as it is soldered into the printed circuit board (PCB), but can be replaced by another IC to upgrade or test multiple ICs.

Global Trends In Lead Fr

Global Trends in Lead-free Soldering

The move toward acceptance of lead-free materials in electronics is coming. Either you jump on the bandwagon or you will be left behind.

Cover Story

System-in-package: Strategy for Engagement

System-in-package (SiP) has long been "next year's technology" when considering the introduction of new packaging concepts. While OEMs and original design manufacturers (ODM) expect plug-and-play solutions, the design cycle for traditional system-on-chip (SOC) often runs to 18 months for advanced designs.