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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 10


Editorial Board

Solid-state Memory Growth for Packaging

The removable solid-state storage (RS3) market posted strong growth in 2005, as consumer demand for flash cards and universal serial bus (USB) flash drives continued.


Tessera and Flextronics Sign Licensing Agreement for Shellcase CF

SAN JOSE, CA - Further paving the way into the consumer optics arena, Tessera announced the first licensing agreement for their wafer-level image sensor packaging technology, Shellcase CF, to Flextronics International Ltd.


SMIC Forms Design Partnerships

SHANGHAI, China - Verisilicon Holdings Co., Ltd., an ASIC design foundry, semiconductor library, and intellectual property (IP) provider, along with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), will release a standard design platform (SDP) for 0.13-μm low-leakage processes.


Actel Appoints Nordic FAE

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Actel Europe announced the addition of Rouzbeh Hosseinalikhani as a field applications engineer (FAE) to its Nordic and Baltic regions support staff.


Thin-film Batteries Attract Funding

GOLDEN, CO - To build high-volume manufacturing facilities for its proprietary thin-film batteries, Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) attracted funding from existing and new corporate investors.

Industry Voices

Lead-free Impact on X-ray Inspection

With the July 2006 deadline for the European Union’s (EU’s) RoHS and WEEE directives past, it’s interesting to observe the long-term impact of lead-free implementation upon X-ray inspection.

Notable Developments

New Packaging Concept for Ultra-thin Chips

Bendable chips are a key component of future smart systems such as smart textile and flexible displays.

New Products.html

New Products

Dage’s computerized tomography (CT) option for digital X-ray inspection systems uses a digital geometric process to generate a 3-D image model from a series of individual 2-D X-ray image “slices” taken around a single axis of rotation.


Peptides, Carbon Nanotubes Team Up

TEMPE, AZ - Motorola Labs and Arizona State University (ASU) have co-developed a coating process that allows chemical-detecting peptides to alert single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) to the presence of heavy-metal ions at the parts-per-trillion level.


Taking Care of Business and Working Overtime

How often have we heard, “Nothing personal; I know it’s not right, but it is good business”? To that I say, “No way.

Advanced Packaging Road

We love New York!

Our first stop in New York was to Endicott Interconnect, where we learned about organic build-up substrates.


Intel Begins Restructuring

SANTA CLARA, CA - In an overview of its restructuring plan for the long-term future, Intel detailed reductions in workforce, merchandising expenses, capital, and materials.


Lcp Pcb Based Packaging.

LCP PCB-based Packaging

For High-performance Protection

Removing Cured Silicone

Removing Cured Silicone Adhesive from Electronic Components

Silicone adhesives have a wide array of applications in microelectronic products.

Cvd Diamond Solves Therm

CVD Diamond Solves Thermal Challenges

The miniaturization and increased functionality of electronic devices is causing manufacturers to seek new thermal management solutions.

Microelectronics Design

Microelectronics Design and Manufacturing

Then and Now

Avoiding Fpga Packaging

Avoiding FPGA Packaging Problems

Many companies experience extreme problems once their FPGAs get to the package level, not least of which is electrical noise.

Cover Story

UBM Measurement by Microbeam X-ray Fluorescence

As chip manufacturers drive to smaller device size follow the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), material challenges arise in every part of the manufacturing process.