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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 4


Editorial Board

Semiconductor Roadmap: The Bottom Line

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) is the primary means for the semiconductor industry to move forward in some kind of orderly manner, with everyone looking at the same guideposts as they push technology ahead.

Industry Voices

Design for Yield - A Hot Term for an Old Concept

Achieving design for yield (DFY) has more to do with effectively managing the IC design process than it does with introducing a new generation of software tools.

Packaging Trends

Breaking Down the Barriers for True Innovation

Senior executives at semiconductor companies worldwide have an innovation crisis on their hands.

New Products



Sockets Power Up

Last week, I tried spring skiing in New England. I didn’t know if I’d remember all the necessary techniques.


In the News


The Back End Process

High-accuracy Mass Imaging for Semiconductor Die Attach

More Speed and More Control

Advanced Interconnect Co

Advanced Interconnect Comes of Age

Single-Cell Process Streamlines Bumping

Single Pass Assembly Of

Single-pass Assembly of SiPs

A Challenge to Multi-Chip Die Bonders

Inspecting Post Wire Bon

Inspecting Post Wire-bond Interconnects

An AOI Approach

Cover Story

Socket Technology Validates High-frequency Devices

A method was developed that allows a socket to be soldered in place of the package within the same footprint.

High Power Led Stud Bump

High-power LED Stud-bump Packaging

Delivering a Bright Future