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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 2


Editorial Board

OEM Strategy: Buy, Build, or Partner?

The term “Original Equipment Manufacturer” (OEM) was coined when most companies in the electronics industry designed, developed, and manufactured nearly everything in their end products.

New Products

SEMICON China 2006

Notable Developments

Application of Industrial Inkjet Technology to Packaging

Piezoelectric inkjet technology has advanced to become a key enabler for the digital revolution in manufacturing, and will transform analog production processes just as digital technology replaced analog in telecommunications.

New Products


Industry Voices

Honey, I Shrunk the Process Window

With the electronics industry making its move to lead-free manufacturing, attention is focused on solder.


Cooperating with Nature

I’ve always thought capitalism worked well in the world economy because it aligned perfectly with human nature.


In the News


Ingenious Assembly Of Mi

Ingenious Assembly of Micro-optical Components

New manufacturing methods

The Back End Process

Advances in Metal Deposition for Wafer Bumping

Increasing Complexity and Functionality of Packages

3 D Stacked Ics With Cop

3-D-stacked ICs with Copper Nails

Allows System Size Reduction

Measuring 3 D Semiconduc

Measuring 3-D Semiconductor Packages

Meeting the Challenge

High Performance Thermal

High-Performance Thermal Management Materials

Crucial for future packaging

Cover Story

The IC Package

Missing Link between Nanometer Silicon and Multi-gigabit PCB systems