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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 7


Editorial Board

Enabling Cooling Strategies for 3D packages

Riding on recent advances in nano-fabrication technology, thin-film thermoelectric coolers (TF-TEC) have been developed with active material as thin as 10-20 ??m.

In The News

Live from Orlando: Freescale’s Technology Forum

ORLANDO, FL —Everything about the Freescale Technology Forum Americas conference, held June 16 & 17, at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Conference Center in Orlando, provided the attendee an opportunity to interact with the Freescale community.

Advanced Packaging Award

Advanced Packaging Award Finalist Showcase

Electromechanical Coating Processes eG ViaCoat enables the metallization of TSVs, until now a process that was holding back adoption of 3D packaging.


It’s About Time

What do you do when work doesn’t leave a moment to spare? You take a break to gain a new perspective.

Advanced Packaging Road

Northwest Passage Near Nature; Near Perfect

In one of the most beautiful areas imaginable in the Pacific Northwest amidst flowers and greenery, two companies do leading-edge research and development work that affects how electronics work.


Solder Joint Reliability

Solder Joint Reliability of High-end FCSiP

Challenges of high-end FCSiP include routability with acceptable signal and power integrity, package thermo-mechanical behaviors, and long term reliability performance.

The Back End Process

Embedding Technologies for SiP Manufacturing

Following the path of electronics evolution, many technological concepts such as system-in-package (SiP), system-on-chip (SoC), and stacked chip packaging have drawn exploration roadmaps for higher system integration.

Achieving Fine Pitch Bal

Achieving Fine-pitch Ball Placement

Demands to reduce the dimensions of even the most highly miniaturized semiconductor packages are placing pressure on IC vendors and packaging specialists to develop faster and more productive package-assembly processes.