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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 2


Editorial Board

Snowstorms and Sockets

Driving around after a recent snowstorm in the Northeast U.S., and seeing how rapidly the roads are kept clear, got me thinking about socket contact cleaning.

Industry Voices

The Total Solutions Partner–Vanity or Value Proposition?

The term “total cost of ownership” (TCO) has reached the point where it is a default catch-phrase for many business people.

Bits Workshop Product Sh

Product Showcase

The ECT-original Gemini Kelvin probe is a solution that makes reliable, true Kelvin contact for high-volume production test.

In The News


Setting the tone for the 9th annual BITS Workshop, March 9-12, Mesa, AZ, with a presentation entitled “Packaging & Assembly in Pursuit of Moore’s Law and Beyond”, keynoter Karl Johnson , Ph.D., V.P and senior fellow at the advanced packaging systems integration laboratory, Freescale Semiconductor, will address new challenges, trends in packaging and assembly, and some unique solutions including system-on-chip (SOC) , 3D, system-in-package (SiP) and wafer-level assembly.


Freaky March

Last night the weather changed direction as often as a teenage girl changes outfits on the first day of school.

Advanced Packaging Road

Brown Bag Engineers

Although most of the semiconductor industries’ greatest discoveries and inventions are the results of years of research and development at prestigious universities and research institutes, some of the best solutions out there were developed in the trenches, on the manufacturing floor.


The Back End Process

Process Equipment for Next-generation WLP Technologies

Technical process innovations in wafer-level packaging (WLP) have increased due to higher functional density, critical device real estate, an increase in market entry barriers, and stronger process integration capabilities.

Inside 3d Packaging

Achieving High Aspect Ratio TSVs

Driving forces for 3D integration have been clearly identified and through-wafer via (TSV) technology continues to move closer to high volume production.

Inspection Amp Test Prac

INSPECTION & TEST: Practical Issues in Image Sensor Module Testing

Image sensor module testing does not need to be a confusing collection of acronyms, test equipment, and charts.

Package Singulation Opti

PACKAGE SINGULATION: Options in Laser Singulation

The advent of pulsed lasers with short wavelength, focusable output, and high power levels presents opportunities for tool builders and end-users in package singulation.

Sockets Ic Package Drive

SOCKETS: IC Package Drives Contact Technology Innovation

As ICs move toward high clock speeds with pin densities reaching 0.5-mm pitch and pin counts over 1000, packaging for such devices must feature finer interconnections and improved electrical and mechanical performance.

Cover Story

Stress-free Wafer Probing

Devices on sophisticated flip chip wafers have greater than 10,000 bumps, and are approaching upwards of 17,000 bumps.