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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 1


Notable Developments

Elastic Interconnections for Stretchable Electronics

Although most electronic appliances are rigid, or at most mechanically flexible, future applications will require them to be flexible, stretchable, and offer maximum user comfort.

Editorial Board

Package-on-package (PoP) with Through-mold Vias

Package on Package (PoP) stacking has become the preferred method for 3D integration of baseband ICs or ASICs with high-performance memory in mobile multimedia applications.



STAMFORD, CT - A glut in the DRAM market, slower than expected growth in NAND spending, and concerns about a U.


Quality Matters

I always associate quality with building a house. Because my dad was a contractor, each of his children learned about reading blueprints, controlling construction costs, choosing compatible materials, and measuring more than once before doing anything.

Advanced Packaging Road

Where the Back-end Begins

From a device manufacturing perspective, where the front-end leaves off and where the back-end begins has become a subjective point of reference; it really depends on the complexity of the device being manufactured.


Designing Modern 3d Pack

Designing Modern 3D Packages with Mixed Technology Content

Packaging technology has evolved over the years, transitioning into more of a revolution with the introduction of new packaging styles practically every month. Designers face designing extremely high-performance packages with mixed technology content such as high speed digital, analog, and RF.

Wire Bonding Process Con

Wire Bonding Process Control Targeting 100% Yield

Current methods of monitoring wire bond quality for both heavy and fine wire applications fall short of enabling the goal of 100% yield.

The Thermal Cpb An Appro

The Thermal CPB An Approach to Thermal and Power Management

In electronics, heat and power issues are gating progress; especially in high-end, flip chip devices.

2008 Packaging Drives Th

2008: Packaging Drives the Industry

This year’s forecast points toward healthy, confident growth in packaging.